Sensors working in water

January 26, 2020

Sensors working in water Many sensors are working in water, so some sensors must be done well. Commonly used underwater sensors include water temperature sensors, depth sensors, flow sensors, and water quality sensors. These sensors can measure the corresponding data for reference and detection.

Natural river water temperature changes little in a year. To make accurate measurements, a platinum resistance temperature sensor is required, and the temperature sensor is set to measure point 1m below the water surface. Water depth sensors are more commonly selected as input type liquid level sensors, which use a silicon piezoresistive full bridge pressure sensing device to convert the water depth into a current or voltage signal. The range depends on the water depth you need to measure. If the sensor requires high-precision output, it is recommended to use an intelligent liquid level sensor and use RS485 signal output. The underwater flow velocity sensor uses the ultrasonic Doppler effect as the measurement principle. It measures the velocity of the water body by the reflected wave of the particles suspended in water. This type of sensor can measure the flow velocity of the water in the entire section and is more expensive. There is also a simple transfer flow rate measurement sensor, but only one flow rate can be measured. The water quality combination sensor is used to detect the quality of water, which is a single measurement sensor that combines oxygen, nitrogen, and other organisms.

There are other sensors used to measure water parameters, but the most common ones are the ones mentioned above. Sensors working in water require good sealing, waterproof, antiseptic, stable performance and long life because of Sensors are generally difficult to replace.

Solar technology will become one of the future green energy technologies. Solar or photovoltaic (PV) is increasingly used in China. In addition to the rapid development of government-supported photovoltaic power plants, private investors are also actively building factories and planning to put them into production worldwide. Solar components.

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Many countries are still in the learning phase. There is no doubt that in order to get the best profit, companies in the industry need to learn from countries and companies that have years of experience in solar applications.

Building a cost-effective, profitable photovoltaic power plant represents the most important goal and core competencies of all solar manufacturers. In fact, profitability depends not only on the efficiency or high performance of the solar modules themselves, but also on a range of components that appear to be not directly related to the components. However, all of these components (such as cables, connectors, junction boxes) should be selected based on the long-term investment objectives of the tenderer. The high quality of the selected components avoids the inability of the solar system to be profitable due to high maintenance and maintenance costs.

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