Hangzhou lamp enterprises are in the front of "low mercury", most companies enter the LED field

January 28, 2020

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the Ministry of Environmental Protection jointly issued the "China's gradual reduction of the mercury-containing roadmap for fluorescent lamps" (hereinafter referred to as the "road map") clearly stipulates that by the end of 2013, strive to eliminate the production process of compact fluorescent liquid mercury; In the year, the average mercury content of a single fluorescent lamp product was reduced by about 80% compared to 2010. However, some light enterprises in Hangzhou have already been in front of “low mercury”, and they will benefit from the green economy through the transformation and upgrading of production processes.

A few days ago, the reporter visited Hangzhou Century Lianhua Zhaohui Store. I saw that on the second floor of the lighting shelves, energy-saving lamps were placed in a conspicuous position, the price is between 20-30 yuan. On the outer packaging of the product, the words “containing harmful substances such as mercury” are not indicated. However, in the column of the substance and element content table in the internal manual, elements such as lead and mercury are listed, and all of them are described as “the content is within the standard requirements”.

According to the Road Map, the principle of illumination of fluorescent lamps determines that a small amount of mercury vapor must be contained in the lamp. Mercury is a toxic and harmful heavy metal element. It is difficult to recover fluorescent lamps after they are discarded. Mercury leakage not only pollutes the environment but also threatens human health. Advanced economies such as Europe and the United States have proposed to reduce the mercury content of fluorescent lamps.

The policy direction of the country can be said to be “a one-shot move” for the production enterprise.

“Before the beginning of the previous year, our company has already adjusted the liquid mercury process. In July last year, the liquid mercury process was completely eliminated.” Liu Gong, technical director of Stellar Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd. told reporters that most of the surrounding spiral energy-saving lamps companies The liquid mercury production process has been completely phased out. "It can be said that the lighting enterprises in Hangzhou have already taken the lead. The introduction of the national road map will not adversely affect the production and sales of enterprises." Liu Gong said.

“Our factory's current production process is to replace liquid mercury with mercury. The mercury content is less than 1.5 mg. From now on, our work focuses on the development of new processes, reducing the mercury content to less than 1 mg.” Liu Work introduction.

In addition to the "excellence" of energy-saving lamps, many lighting companies in Hangzhou have also entered the LED field. “LED lights don’t need mercury at all.” The person in charge of Hangzhou Aiouyidi Technology Co., Ltd. said, “LED lighting is more energy-efficient than general energy-saving lamps, has no secondary pollution and has a long life. It is a new generation of lighting source, now The momentum of development is very good."

Recently, the three-year innovation and development of Hangzhou's energy conservation and environmental protection industry has been released. Clearly develop high-efficiency lighting products, accelerate the research and development of semiconductor lighting (LED, OLED), develop and promote semiconductor lighting products such as landscape and urban road lighting, large-size liquid crystal display backlights, and automotive lighting. Accelerate the promotion of ordinary energy-saving lighting products such as self-ballasted fluorescent lamps for low-mercury general lighting and three-color double-ended straight tube fluorescent lamps. To build a domestic first-class LED and ceramic metal halide lamp industry cluster.

In the green lighting project, the focus is on promoting high-efficiency power-saving lighting in public facilities, hotels, commercial buildings, office buildings, stadiums, and residential buildings. By the end of the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan", the promotion and application of energy-saving lamps for government agencies and public welfare units has reached more than 100%, and the application of energy-saving lamps for urban households has reached more than 95%.

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