July 15, 2021

Temperature control/constant temperature soldering iron operation method and instructions 1. Use steps: 1. Confirm that the asbestos is wet. 2. Remove impurities on the surface of the heating tube. 3. Confirm that the soldering iron screws are not loose. 4. Confirm that the 220

July 13, 2021

If you ask the most concerned electronic products now, everyone will think of mobile phones as their first choice, followed by television products. Now that we have selected TV products in the market, many of our friends have been given various parameters of television. Wit

July 11, 2021

SIE Hong Kong officially announced today the specific content of the Demo CD included with the Hong Kong version of PlayStation VR. Of course, in addition to the physical version, players can also purchase and download these games at the PSN store. The Hong Kong version of

July 10, 2021

Tencent Gin (Gin) Golf is a kind of tall sport. People usually play on the practice track at most, but if you decide to enter the field with blood, then it is best to prepare, such as a pair of smart golf shoes. Var related_video_info = { vid: 'y00214ebqmw', cid: &

July 07, 2021

A recent news is very subtle: Google's Go algorithm model AlphaGo beat the top Go players in Korea and once again boarded the world's number one throne. This has led many people to further deepen the misunderstanding of the algorithm - it seems that the algorithm is omnipoten

July 07, 2021

Recently, the ceramic thick film electric light source integration technology developed by Shanxi Guangyu Semiconductor Lighting Co., Ltd., a member of G20-LED Lighting Summit, successfully broke through the technical bottleneck of LED lighting industry and fundamentally solved the major problems i

July 06, 2021

Amsterdam, the Netherlands, is known for its developed rivers. While the world is focused on researching driverless car technology, the city’s AMS Institute and MIT have reached a five-year research project, Roboat, to explore The feasibility of driving a yacht. MIT