June 15, 2021

Speaking of the 2016 flagship of the best value for money, the answer that first appeared in the minds of children's shoes that love to play is undoubtedly the Samsung S7 non-curvature version. In mid-June, hand slipped the previous 2014 MOTO X into powder. So embarked

June 15, 2021

Tencent digital news (water blue) With the imminent release of Meizu E series new machine, all kinds of news about the machine is also heard in boiling water. Recently, after the Meizu executives confirmed the protagonist of the conference as Charm Blue E, another netizen l

June 15, 2021

After the Internet TV is running out of temperature, the display technology of the traditional TV shows force. This year's color TV industry is nothing but a lively event. Due to the strong outbreak of Internet thinking, smart display and innovative application industrie

June 13, 2021

The annual Seven (Abuse) Evening (Dog) Festival is approaching. I wonder if this year's vast audience of spectators has succeeded alone. At this point in time, the other half of the lords who have taken their orders to find their own happiness are estimated. Everyone is

June 07, 2021

As a medium-to-high-end secondary, beats headphones have become the first choice for many young people, because its price is more acceptable, and the effect is very good. So what kind of problems will occur during the use of beats headphones? The first is the running-in problem of sound qualit

June 04, 2021

AlphaGo surpasses Ke Jie and ranks first in the world In March of this year, one of the world’s top Go tournaments attracted everyone’s attention. Artificial intelligence AlphaGo successfully defeated South Korean player Li Shishi. However, human hope is stil

June 03, 2021

Under the dual promotion of the Chinese government and the market, LED lighting with the goal of environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction has rapidly spread in the field of public lighting, and has rapidly penetrated into the commercial lighting, office lighting and home