LED display black screen solution

January 31, 2020

< div> The LED control card software server queries online and sends the program normally, but why the screen is black and not bright.
A few days ago, I received a phone call from a Zhejiang customer at the Guangzhou LED Show. It is normal to say that the community display screen has been used. However, there is no content display on the black screen in the past few days. The status of the LED control card software is online. Sending information can also be sent in the past, I don't know why. Simple analysis: There are several possible situations in this situation:
A: The power supply to the Led Display module is broken, but the power supply for the LED control card is normal;
B: The LED control card is connected to the display module and the wrong line is connected to the OE direction;
C: The LED display module scanning mode is set incorrectly in the LED control card software.
D: LGSV control card software model selection error, resulting in black screen
1. The LGSV control card software model is wrong. When the program is sent, it only stops displaying, the unsuccessful screen is screened, and the display screen is black.
2. The LGSV control card software model is incorrect and the transmission is successful, but the black card is caused by the wrong control card program.
And the Zhejiang customer knows that the control card that he said is in the office, the phone guides the customer to connect the existing LED control card and the normal control card power supply, LED display module, and the correct cable installation method. Everything is normal, the LED display is still black, there is no display, helpless, there are no technicians present in the Zhejiang customer, we can not directly assist the customer in the Guangzhou exhibition hall, we have to ask the Zhejiang customer to return the LED control card Company testing.
Yesterday, I received the LED control card returned by the Zhejiang customer, and the result of the technical test was:
Problem 1. The LED control card software reads the configuration, and the automatic adjustment brightness time setting in the control card is incorrect.
Problem 2, LED control card software read configuration, server domain name setting error in the control card
Problem point 3, the LED control card software reads the configuration, and the display mode of the display screen in the control card is set incorrectly.
The problem is detected and it is easy to set, and the automatic adjustment screen brightness schedule that is being determined is set back:
In the above picture is the normal 24-hour bright screen, 0 means to turn off the screen, 1 to 7 is adjusted according to the brightness of the sun, if we need the time switch, the adjustment can be set according to the time period. For example, the 001 cell screen opens at 6 o'clock in the morning and closes at 8 o'clock in the evening. Then, its correct setting should be 6 o'clock in the first time period, the brightness value is the brightest, and the brightness value after 20 o'clock in the second time period. All are 0 off screen, as shown in the figure:
If it is necessary to set the brightest daytime time, the nighttime time setting is darker, set as shown below:
Finally, after setting the server domain name and scanning mode in the customer's LED control card software, the display will normally light up the walking text. Therefore, when our LED control card software operator is not very familiar with the operating software, please do not arbitrarily change any configuration in the display to avoid black screen or other conditions, no doubt, can not find relevant Technical staff guidance.

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