State Power Changqing Wind Farm Project Trial Run

October 22, 2020

State Power Changqing Wind Farm Project Trial Run

A few days ago, the first phase of the Guodian Changqing Wind Farm project began trial operation. By November 30, all units will be connected to the grid for power generation.

The Guodian Changqing Wind Farm Project was invested and constructed by Guodian Shandong Jinan Longyuan Wind Power Co., Ltd. with a total investment of approximately RMB 810 million and a planned total installed capacity of approximately 100,000 kilowatts, which was constructed in two phases. The total investment of the first phase of the project is 420 million yuan, with an installed capacity of 49,500 kilowatts, and 24 sets of 2 megawatts and one 1.5 megawatt wind turbine. Fan power generation is collected through a current collector circuit to a booster station, and sent to Wenchang station to access Shandong Power Grid. It is reported that after the first phase of the project is fully generated, it is estimated that the annual on-grid electricity will be 94.45 million kwh, which will have a positive effect on local environmental protection and reduce air pollution, and there are obvious energy-saving, environmental and social benefits.

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