For ten years, we have been working hard

October 25, 2020

For ten years, we have been working hard

In 2003, the epidemic was rampant. The company's ultraviolet germicidal lamps were included in the government's key procurement projects, and they were quickly used in schools, offices, bus stations, railway stations, and places where there were more people and other related areas. This was the national anti-SARS policy. The work has made great contributions and has been highly valued by the community.

In November 2009, Lin Yuanhe, secretary of the Foshan Municipal Party Committee, inspected Snow Wright and expressed high recognition for the latest development of “Shelium Amethyst”, a violet nano sterilizer. In December of the same year, a total of more than 3,000 new products against ultraviolet light developed by Snow Wright and a total of more than 3,000 ultraviolet disinfection vehicles had been implemented in demand units in various regions and cities of Jiangsu Province, which played an important role in fighting against the virus.

In 2012, the First People's Hospital of Foshan City cooperated with Snow Wright to use the Wright Wright nano-bacterial sterilization and UV disinfection lamps in all areas of the hospital. It is mainly used for sterilization, prevention of flu and elimination of odors in hospitals.

In 2013, H7N9 raged. Ultraviolet light has become the main means of effectively and quickly killing the H7N9 virus. Snow Wright UV Sterilization "Three Musketeers" was strongly sought after, greatly inhibited the spread of H7N9 In September 2014, the 7-day chain hotel cooperated with Snow Wright. The person in charge of the 7-day chain hotel said that the introduction of the Wright Wright UV disinfection table lamp in the 7-day chain hotel has played a crucial role in the hotel's sterilization and disinfection work.

Today, the Ebola virus continues to spread and death rates continue to rise. The use of ultraviolet rays at a wavelength of 254 nm by Snow Wright's ultraviolet light can rapidly destroy DNA of genetic material and decompose organic molecules in water. It can be an effective sterilization and sterilization technology, and can be completely inactivated within 2 minutes. It can effectively prevent diseases.

In the future, we are still continuing!

60CM Range Hoods
Stainless steel + tempered glass
Suction power: 760m³/h air flow
3 speed electronic switch
1x6 layers washable aluminum grease filters
2x2W LED lamps
Rated input power (motor): 170W

Range Hoods

Range Hoods

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