Who will be stronger with the wristband vs watch?

October 27, 2020

After the birth of 2012 and the evolution of 2013, the wearable devices in 2014 can be described as a harbinger of a wave of ebb, and various smart wearable devices in various poses have begun to enter the homes of ordinary people. Of course, as a pioneer in the field of intelligent hardware, the gradual maturity and downward popularity of the wearable device market also indicates that the smart hardware industry has entered the first wave of high tide.

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This year, major hardware giants at home and abroad have been involved in smart hardware, especially in the field of wearable devices. The international team has traditional predators such as Apple, Microsoft, Google (including Motorola) and a large Android factory; in China, there are giants such as Xiaomi, Lenovo and Huawei.

2014 is also the final window for hardware newcomers to continue to seize market opportunities. In the field of smart bracelets, Fitbit, Jawbone and Misfit have further consolidated their first-mover advantage, but in contrast, domestic å’•å’š and bong have become bleak.

As far as the overall situation is concerned, this year's wearable device market (mainly including smart bracelets and watches) has shown the trend of traditional giants and hardware newcomers to “half open” (even biased towards giant monopoly). As for the small and medium-sized entrepreneurs who have not yet emerged in the past two years, 2014 has undoubtedly played their "Song of Ice and Fire".

We can look at the two major wearable devices market, smart bracelets and watches.

Let me talk about the smart bracelet first. From the international market this year, foreign Fitbit, Jawbone and Misfit have firmly occupied the top three in the smart bracelet market (Nike has already withdrawn from the market), and they have also launched their own new bracelets. However, a clear trend is that most of their product lines have begun to move toward two levels, a streamlined function, a professional and emphasis on design quality, such as Jawbone UP3. The other goes to the "Super Bracelet" - not only powerful but also with a display screen and even want to include many features of the smart watch, such as the upcoming Fitbit Surge.

Of course, traditional giants such as Samsung, LG, Sony and Microsoft have also launched their own bracelets. But except for the rest of Microsoft, the more handlebars are positioned as "accessories" for their phones. As for the Microsoft "super" bracelet that was released near the end of the year, although it is in a state of continuous sales, it is difficult to make a big wave in the 2014 bracelet.

Looking at the domestic market, while the foreign giants of the bracelets began to penetrate the Chinese market on a large scale, the domestic bracelet entrepreneurs were either incorporated, or they really could only gradually launch this stage. Compared with the high-end foreign bracelets, the domestic bracelet entrepreneurs are even more "unhappy" Xiaomi's intervention this year. After the sale of Xiaomi's mark on the 79-meter-old Huami bracelet, the sales volume in a few months was broken. Samsung and Huawei's same bracelet with mobile phone practices also make it occupy the forefront of the domestic bracelet market. As for the first screaming, the bongs reluctantly gave the center stage to the millet.

However, an indisputable fact in 2014 is that the smart bracelet has gradually returned to calm after the previous stage of the hot season. Perhaps many users have only three months of hot time for smart bracelets, and for many developers and manufacturers, they are also beginning to look to a more hot and potential market - smart watches.

Compared to smart bracelets, smart watches have been quite beautiful in 2014. The big players are also focusing more on their eyes on even the only focus in the smart hardware industry.

The Moto360 launched by Motorola, the original Google company, is considered to be the darling of the smart watch market this year. The most beautiful smart watch equipped with AndroidWear system also indicates the future development direction of Android watches. In addition, although later than the Android Wear watch, Apple Watch, the Apple smart watch released in September this year, is clearly more popular. Apple can also make a big innovation in the smart watch industry, everything will wait until we get a new machine next year. But what is certain is that many ordinary consumers will start to understand and even care about the emerging field of intelligent hardware because of the launch of Apple Watch.

Going back to the current smart watch market, as the new system of wearable devices that Google has created this year, Android Wear has really saved the watches produced by the Android phone manufacturers from the fire. After all, if the bracelet that comes with the Android phone is not equipped with the corresponding Android system, how can it be smart? So when Android Wear is launched, new smart watches such as Samsung, LG and Sony are quickly installed on this system. Android watches really have a soul, it is also a big event in the smart watch industry this year. The domestic Chinese door-to-door questioning Ticwear, which is the latest Chinese-based watch system based on the Android Wear platform, also indicates the next step in the era of Android.

In addition to the many Android Wear watches that have already been launched and the Apple Watch that will be launched with consumers, Samsung's own Tizen system watches are still struggling to explore, and those cross-platform smart watches have begun to differentiate their development path.

Perhaps many people still think that Pebble is the best smart watch on the market. The excellence of the dial, electronic paper screen, cross-platform support, more and more third-party applications and inexpensive prices still make a lot of love. The domestic Tuman also re-started and introduced a more mature second-generation product after a generation of watches "jumping the door."

Going back to the wearable device itself, one of my biggest feelings this year is that more and more smart bracelets and smart watches are beginning to emphasize the return to origin. For example, a smart watch is still a watch. It must have a "type" of the watch, but also a "god" of the watch. If the smart watch doesn't even have some of the most basic features and functions of a watch, let's talk about the other. Of course, the extension of the product such as Samsung's use of watches as a mobile phone is increasingly rejected by everyone.

On the other hand, on the issue of intelligence, everyone has gradually become a consensus. We can't be smart and smart. Everything needs to be based on the needs of consumers (including potential demand). The concept of "pseudo-intelligence", which was popular earlier, has also been whipped by more and more people this year. After all, wearable devices are the smart hardware closest to the human body, which is especially important in the selection and setting of functions. So now more and more manufacturers, especially small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, have begun to focus on streamlined features and more intimate functional design to more interactively interact with users. After the grasshopper period, wearable devices are gradually returning to rationality and origin.

Looking at the wearable device market in 2014, the smart bracelet that used to be the main force gradually faded. The bracelet also began to move in the direction of true intelligence and specialization. The smart watch as the successor will undoubtedly bear the heavy responsibility of the next large-scale popularization of wearable devices. Of course, with the continuous exploration and vigorous development of Apple, Android watch manufacturers and cross-platform independent watch manufacturers, smart watches The smart hardware category that is closest to the individual in history will continue to improve and mature. As for other wearable devices, such as smart clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc. will also gradually evolve and approach commercial use in this wave of wearable wells. Of course, we can't forget to open Google Glass, the first of its kind. Still on the journey of exploration, please give smart glasses more time.

In 2014, we have seen the infinite possibilities of wearable devices in the future. After throwing away false intelligence and returning to the true nature, wearable devices will have a brighter future.

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