Nest concept is a bit old-fashioned, Apple smart home platform is coming.

September 12, 2020

On May 28th, according to foreign media reports, there were rumors yesterday that Apple will unveil a new smart home platform at the World Developers Conference (WWDC), which will allow users to remotely control home devices via the iPhone. In fact, the US technology startup SmartThings also proposed an Apple-like idea a week ago: CEO Alex Hawkinson announced that it will integrate the SmartThings smart home platform and 100 company-certified devices. The platform has reached 5,000 developers.

This suggests that SmartThings will most likely abandon the development of new hardware to support these third-party device partners. The platform allows almost every type of device to be controlled by SmartThings applications. The senior can wear a Jawbone smart bracelet. If he/she fails to wake up in the usual time, the SmartThings platform will send a warning message. You can also control the cloud camera Dropcam installed on the front door through the platform, or connect to the Sonos wireless music device.

Hawkingson has some insights into the smart home market. He believes that users will not try to connect the platform to all home devices from the beginning. There is no set of ready-made fixed solutions for building smart homes. The only idea is to create a platform to meet the specific needs of the user's home life.

Apple and SmartThings are taking substantial steps in the smart home space, and smart homes are getting closer. At present, many devices are connected to each other, and the development of the Internet of Things is so fast, which has generated huge market potential.

The open platform allows users to take advantage of the wide variety of connected devices available. If this idea is favored by the market, it is not good for Nest or August.

Four months ago, Google spent $3.2 billion to acquire the smart home company Nest. Google’s development strategy for Nest has taken shape. It hopes to let its products and applications enter the user’s home through Nest, and to step by step the user’s house through a thermostat, a smoke alarm, or a cloud camera, Cloudcam, which is planned to be acquired by Google. Layout into the "castle" of Google products.

Well-known industrial designer Yves Behar is currently working with technology entrepreneur Jason Johnson to launch a smart door lock system called August that allows homeowners to use a computer or The smartphone controls the door, allowing guests to enter the house. Jason Johnson admits that August wants to follow Nest's strategy.

But this strategy seems to be out of date. The trend is not waiting for people. In order to cultivate user needs through products, the results are not only slow, but may be submerged in the tide. It is wise to capture and analyze the user's needs and customize the product for the user. And Apple and SmartThings are moving in this direction.

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