Silicon Image announced that the latest MHL® 3.0 solution has been successfully applied to Nubian's flagship smartphone nubia z7

September 26, 2020

With the nubia Z7 taking the lead in adopting MHL 3.0 video and USB high-speed data channels, MHL 3.0® is gaining momentum

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Silicon Image announced today that the MHL® 3.0 design solution in cooperation with Nubia has succeeded. ZTE ZTE's high-end brand Nubia's flagship smartphone nubia Z7 adopts the MHL® 3.0 solution. Using the SiI8620 and SiI6031 MHL 3.0 chipsets from Silicon Image, the nubia Z7 is the world's first smartphone to realize the simultaneous transmission of 4K Ultra HD video and high-speed data channels as defined in the latest MHL specification. The nubia Z7 delivers immersive 4K Ultra HD video with existing mobile device connectors and provides all USB capabilities, including data file transfer and human interface devices (HID) for mouse, keyboard, touch screen and more. support.

David Kuo, senior director of marketing for mobile products at Silicon Image, said: "We are pleased to see MHL 3.0 continue to grow in the mobile device market. As the first 4K smartphone made in China, nubia Z7 will give Chinese digital TV entertainment and games. The market is also the world's largest 4K TV consumer market bringing pure mobile 4K content."

Ni Fei, general manager of Nubia, said: "This Z7 cooperation is not the first cooperation between Nubia and Silicon Image. After continuous communication and debugging by our team, MHL3.0 and Nubian new mobile phone Z7 To achieve the perfect combination, nubia Z7 has also released more excellent home entertainment, gaming and office application potential, bringing more surprises to mobile phone users. We look forward to more long-term cooperation with Silicon Image.

The Z7 is the first smartphone model in the country to use MHL 3.0. The nubia Z5, Z5 mini and Z5S mini smartphones that support MHL 2.0 technology are in volume production.

Features of the MHL 3.0 specification include:

• 4K (Ultra HD): 4K format supporting up to 2160p30 frames

• Synchronous high speed data channel for USB transmission

• Supports human-machine interface (HID) devices such as touch screens, keyboards, and mice

• Support for the latest HDCP 2.2 content protection protocol

Silicon Image offers a wide range of production-proven MHL semiconductor and IP solutions for a wide range of mobile devices, digital TV and home theater applications.

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