How to maintain and maintain the daily life of flat-panel TV

August 30, 2019

Q: How to maintain and maintain the flat screen TV every day?

A: The longevity of flat-panel TVs is inseparable from our usual maintenance and maintenance. In order to make it better for us, please follow and use the following methods to maintain and maintain flat-panel TVs.

1. Keep the environment dry

Nowadays, the TV technology is very high in content. Although it can work in a humid environment, it can only be said to be "working as usual", but not "normal work". When the humidity is large, the inside of the appliance will condense. After condensation, the appliance will leak or even short-circuit. LCD TVs are like this. Once the LCD TV is flooded or placed in a place with high humidity, the LCD screen will become blurred and damage the components of the LCD TV.

Especially in the summer, the air humidity in the summer is relatively high. We should let our LCD TV work for more than half an hour every day. The heat generated by this half-hour operation can drive out the moisture inside the machine. Otherwise, when the humidity in the machine reaches a certain concentration, it may cause irreparable damage to the circuit or the panel.

In addition, if you find that there is fog on the surface of the LCD screen, you should wipe it off with a soft cloth in time to turn on the power. If you have found that water has entered the LCD screen, you must immediately place it in a drier. Warm place, but don't expose it to the sun. You can choose to place it under the desk lamp.

2, to avoid long-term freeze of the image

Don't let the LCD TV freeze on the same screen for a long time. When the same picture is displayed for a long time, some LCD pixels are working. Long hours of work can cause these LCD pixels and their built-in transistors to overheat, causing great damage to them, and even causing other critical internal components to not work properly.

The same is true for plasma TVs. Early plasma products are prone to local burns on the screen after a long period of use, allowing the screen to stay in a picture for a long time. In the case where the plasma state of each plasma chamber is unchanged for a long time, the picture is It will be like a shadow, leaving the screen lingering, is what people call "ghosting" phenomenon.

In addition, it is also necessary to avoid the long-term operation of the power supply of the flat-panel TV, which is also applicable to general CRT televisions. When people don't watch TV, they are used to pressing the front switch. In fact, the power of the TV is still working. The same is true for flat-panel TVs. Therefore, when you are not watching TV, you should cut off the power supply in time. Otherwise, if the time is long, it will easily cause internal components to age, which is not conducive to the life of flat-panel TVs.

3, dismantle the TV to ask professional and technical personnel

In the absence of professional guidance, you must not disassemble flat-panel TVs. First of all, flat-panel TVs are expensive, and we lack professional maintenance knowledge. Many times, we can't find faults, and even bring more troubles. What trouble? It’s a small matter to break the money, and disassembling the LCD TV without authorization may even risk electric shock.

The transformer voltage of the LCD TV is very high. Even after the power is turned off, if the internal components are touched by hand, the voltage generated in an instant can reach 1000 volts or more. Blind disassembly may cause serious personal injury, so there is no professional guidance. Under, don't dismantle it.

4, correctly remove the dirt on the TV screen surface

Do not wipe wet. You can gently wipe it with a soft cloth that does not lint. Do not touch the water. The reason has been said that some parts of the flat-panel TV may still have a high voltage of about 1000 volts even after the power is turned off. In addition, the LCD TV screen is coated with Coating, wiping with a liquid such as detergent or alcohol may cause damage to man-made components.

5, do not spray the cleaning liquid directly on the screen

Just try it. LCD TVs and plasma TV screens are very fragile, even hard screens, so avoid strong impact and vibration, do not put pressure on the screen surface, do not wipe with your hands, because people's skin is oily, use When you go to the point, you will leave traces and it will not be easy to remove.

When wiping the screen, use a special flat-panel TV cleaning cloth to wipe directly. No additional cleaning liquid is needed, or a small amount of special cleaning liquid should not be sprayed on the screen. Do not spray directly on the screen. After cleaning, let it sit for 30 minutes. And then energized to remove moisture. For the fuselage, you can wipe it with a wet towel, but never let the water drop into the vent or the inside of the fuselage to avoid short circuit.

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