Energy-saving principles proposed by the International Commission on Illumination

October 14, 2020

Emphasis on energy conservation and sustainable development Saving energy, protecting the environment and improving lighting quality are the main trends in implementing green lighting projects in countries around the world. At present, the international community believes that when considering and formulating energy conservation policies, regulations and measures, the principle is to save lighting power consumption as much as possible while ensuring sufficient quantity and quality of lighting. Lighting energy conservation mainly refers to the purpose of benefiting by adopting energy-saving and high-efficiency lighting products, improving quality and optimizing lighting design.

The principles of energy conservation proposed by the International Commission on Illumination are: (1) determining the level of illumination according to the needs of visual work; (2) designing energy-saving lighting to obtain the required illumination; and (3) using high-efficiency light sources on the basis of considering color rendering; 4) use high-efficiency lamps that do not produce glare; (5) use high reflectance materials for indoor surfaces; (6) combine lighting and air conditioning systems; and (7) set smart devices that turn off lights when not needed.

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