TMA-2 modular headset environmental protection is not a bad thing

September 10, 2021

Tencent's Rabbit Earlier, the Danish headset manufacturer AIAIA has launched a TMA-1 headphone product that balances the look and sound of the trend. Last year, the TMA-2 was introduced with a modular and optional assembly. A few days ago, AIAIA further enlisted and launched the H05 smart headband, an upgrade module of the TMA-2.

It is no exaggeration to say that the TMA-2 is a modular headset that can have more than 1,000 variations possible. Three different headbands, four different drive components, five different ear pads, and six sets of wire rods can meet almost any user's audiovisual needs. Intriguingly, the manufacturer also lists each different combination separately, and explains the different sound effects for each combination.

The TMA-2 headphones, which can be combined with different sound effects, are not only suitable for professional musicians, but also satisfy their professional needs for different tasks such as making music, editing audio, or monitoring. For an ordinary user, a headset suitable for different places can be selected according to a combination of different modules. For example, the configuration of headphones required on the road, office, or home is naturally different.

The modular TMA-2 headphones are not only free to choose from audiovisual effects, but also follow the concept of environmental protection. Each accessory is individually detachable. In the event of a broken condition, the user only needs to purchase the damaged accessory alone.

The H05 smart headband module that is upgraded now, has added the brand-new bluetooth function, can change the ordinary headphone into the bluetooth earphone that is more easy to carry and use more conveniently in a flash.

Of course, the upgrade of the Bluetooth module does not mean that TMA-2 has launched a fashion trend. Earlier TMA-2 users could choose to upgrade their headphones by purchasing a Bluetooth module.

In addition to playing music, the H05 smart headband can also directly play, pause, skip, and answer phone calls.

At present, the new upgraded Bluetooth module H05 smart headband has entered the crowdfunding stage with a crowdfunding target of 300,000 DKK and a super early bird price of DKK 450 (approximately RMB 443). If all goes well, it is expected to be in 2017. In May shipment, users who want to further upgrade their TMA-2 may wish to give it a try.

Source: Kickstarter

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