LED ceramic lamp head classification and function introduction

March 05, 2021

In modern society, the use of lamps is anytime and anywhere. With the lighting of lamps, people's living standards have been greatly improved, and the development of society has been greatly accelerated. It can be said that the invention of lamps is a human society. With great convenience, with the development of society and technology, there are more and more types of lighting fixtures. Lamps can be generally divided into chandeliers, ceiling lamps, floor lamps, wall lamps, table lamps, copper lamps, spotlights, energy-saving lamps and Yuba. Lights and so on. And we usually see a lot of led lights are in the category of energy-saving lamps. Nowadays, many LED lamps use ceramic lamp holders. What are the functions of LED ceramic lamps? Let's take a look at it today.

Our usual life and work are inseparable from the lamps, and the lamps will use the lamp head. What is the lamp head? It refers to the connection at the very end of the lamp line, which is the interface for us to install the lamp. It should be used carefully for safety. As the name suggests, the lamp head is the end of the bulb, which is the link between the light source and the power source. The light source that is useful to us can pass through the lamp head to produce the phenomenon of illumination, which is used by us. There are a lot of mobile phones, desk lamps, home appliances and other daily household appliances and machinery production will use led lights, many led lights will use the lamp head, the current use of more ceramic lamp holders, then what are the functions of the led lamp using ceramic lamp holders, Today we will come to understand the led ceramic lamp head.

LED ceramic lamp head classification and function introduction

Led ceramic lamp head-led lamp head classification :

The led lamp head is made of imported polycarbonate injection molding. It has the characteristics of high strength and good light transmission. It is favored by people. It is a lamp with LED as the light source. There are many types of led lamp heads, which can be divided into bayonet and screw by means of the way of installation. If they are divided into materials, they can be divided into bakelite, plastic, metal, ceramics and other materials. Each type of lamp has its own unique advantages. They are suitable for different purposes. We only need to choose according to our own situation when purchasing. The LED ceramic lamp head has been loved by people because of its unique advantages, and has been well utilized.

Led ceramic lamp head - features :

Since the led ceramic lamp head has been greatly used by people, it must have its different advantages. Let us look at the characteristics and advantages of cutting the led ceramic lamp head together:

1. It has an integrated design for the entire lamp head. Each module is an independent light source. This design can combine different power and brightness arbitrarily, and because it is independent, local faults will not be affected. Normal operation of the lamp cap;

2. The ceramic materials used are generally light and thin, which can reduce the resistance of the wind, thereby reducing the bearing capacity of the light pole, making the lamp more safe and reliable, and can well protect the personal safety of the user;

3. The ceramic lamp head has the characteristics of high strength and good light transmission;

4. The temperature of the ceramic material is very low at work, and its heat dissipation performance is good, it is not easy to cause the aging of the lampshade and yellowing, and it is used for a long time, bringing a new user experience;

5. Due to its good heat dissipation performance, its service life is quite long, generally 5-10 times that of traditional lamps, which not only eliminates the trouble of frequent replacement, but also saves cost;

6.led ceramic lamp head has good impact resistance, has strong seismic resistance, and is not easy to break;

7. With intelligent design, intelligent control of high-power LED light source can be realized;

8. Ceramics This material is very modern, its surface is very smooth, and it is particularly wear-resistant. Its physical properties are very stable, and it has good acid and alkali resistance and corrosion resistance.

9. It will not fade easily, the quality is very light, and there is no pollution, it will not hurt the skin, it will protect the health of the family and bring a comfortable feeling of use. The ceramics do not contain lead, mercury and other pollution elements, green and environmental protection. .

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