Xiaomi Yeelight launches Bluetooth intelligent control bedside lamp with WiFi link

March 03, 2021

Philips Hue is definitely the first time many people can think of. However, there are actually many other products on the market, such as the new Bluetooth intelligent control bedside lamp from Yeelight. It supports the display of 16 million colors, support for sleep and wake-up alarm mode. In addition to onboard adjustments, you can also control via smartphone and Bluetooth. The luminaire has a cylindrical design with a matte acrylic in the upper half, brushed aluminum in the base and touch buttons on the top.

Inside Yeelight smart bedside lamp, a LED lamp 14 from Osram (of Osram), you can adjust the color temperature and luminance between the various modes.

Yeelight also offers a programmable loop mode that allows the bulb to be switched between four different colors on a regular basis. Interested people can customize color options in the companion Android or iOS app.

You can pick a photo and set the matching light color with one click. You can also adjust the color cycle speed of the color in the application (instead of operating directly on the light).

In addition to being programmable, the biggest difference between Yeelight and Philips Hue is that the latter uses a Wi-Fi connection.

Although Yeelight is not always perfect in recreating color, considering its price is only $59, it is quite competitive.

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