Zhang Yujing blames 3.5 billion yuan for rushing into LED "trick"

January 15, 2021

The LED industry, which is regarded as a “disgraceful industry” in Taiwan, has become a popular chicken in China. In recent years, the mainland’s investment in the LED industry has not only increased, but the level of talents that have joined has become higher and higher. Zhang Yujing, known as the "Godfather of China's Semiconductors," has invested more than 3.5 billion yuan ($18 billion) in the LED field, and represents an opportunity for the industry.

The mainland LED industry began to break away from the thinking mode of capacity-only this year, and began to find a breakthrough point from the patent layout, expecting the operating tentacles to step out of mainland China. The talents who joined the war came from all directions, and the level was getting higher and higher. Zhang Yujing, who is known as the godfather of China's semiconductors, was recently invited to Taiwan to interview the Financial Biweekly magazine, not to mention the semiconductor industry, but the challenges and opportunities of the LED industry.

He revealed that after three years of leaving SMIC, he invested in four LED factories including Shanghai Shengrui Optoelectronics, Shanghai Ruirui Optoelectronics and Shanghai Yingrui Optoelectronics, covering the upper, middle and lower reaches, with an initial investment estimate of 35. Billion yuan (in conjunction with NT$18 billion), and "the amount of capital continues to climb", compared to semiconductors, Zhang Yujing wants to talk about LED.

The mainland has transformed from a world factory to a world market. It is the world's top four lighting markets after North America, Europe, and Japan. The huge stage attracts many people who have guns. The general manager of Taiwanese company, Lin Linliang, has Lin Linsen. In 2013, Tang Guoqing, the former general manager of Cree China Market, and the general manager of Samsung LED China, now Zhang Yijing’s team has stepped up the LED. It seems that the "terrible business" in the mouth of Taiwan is a great thing on the mainland.

The mainland LED factory has been operating frequently this year and has continuously dropped the bomb. Jinshajiang Venture Capital has acquired more than 80% of Lumileds' equity with a price of US$3.3 billion, and took over 600 LED patents. Although the market is ridiculed by children, it is not a small number of mergers and acquisitions. However, the strong intentions and strong financial strength demonstrated by the Luchang factory are already evident.

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