The sofa butlers are the first to release the comic island TV version and the comic artifact on the smart TV!

May 04, 2021

Friends who like to read comics all know that the bigger the screen is, the more comfortable the experience is, and you can't look at the tablet on the phone, so you can't look at the smart TV on the tablet! Today, the sofa net Xiaobian will give everyone recommend a smart TV on the comic artifact - Comic Island TV version, is currently the sofa housekeeper exclusive premiere Oh, like a friend not to miss!

The manga to TV version is tailor-made for smart TVs. This is the first time that Manga Island has settled in TV. It only allows users to enjoy a bigger, crisper and clearer reading experience on the TV!

Manga Island TV version official website:

1. Popular comics have everything and comic resources are smooth and stable

For the friends who are chasing dramas, the most important thing in reading comics is the number of resources and the speed of update. The comic island TV version includes 6w+ this comic library, and tens of thousands of domestic and foreign comics are catching new heights! And full coverage of various topics, resources are updated daily, close to the progress of the network, allowing users to chase and wait!

2. Designed specifically for smart TVs, large screen HD simple and quick

Comic Island TV is designed specifically for the smart TV's large screen, online reading clear picture quality, and unique image processing technology to save more network resources, while watching high-definition comics effectively save network resources!

3. Humanized operation, personalized experience

Comic Island TV version uses a personalized search smart search, classification, including theme, selection, and the author of the three ways, personalized recommendations to meet the discerning taste of people, unique intelligent search engine massive keyword search guide, allowing users to find faster Interested content, good comics do not miss! Full coverage, brings you rich spiritual food for the second element! At the same time humane operation methods, simple and stylish design style, and the new version of the bookshelf allows users to easily manage like comics, reading and chasing new is no longer cumbersome.

4. How to install comic island TV version?

Search "MFD (Manga Island)" in the sofa butler and find "Comic Island TV" to download and install.

You must not miss the comics!

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