The original innovator unwraps the original and corrects - Beats solo3 wireless matte black earphone

October 20, 2021

Reasons to purchase

(You can say your own buying needs, comparison experience, and final choice reasons)

I am a second-rate university alcoholics and alcoholics, diving Aunt Zhang for many years, due to the late stage of lazy cancer, are only brush to buy but lazy to write original, unfortunately the aunt's charm is very large, the temptation is also very much, as a value of friends of course Pian (jin) force (bi) for the aunt. I do not know where to come from the self-confidence, self-perceived three views normal, aesthetic normal. Especially love digital technology products, who let me learn the computer! Of course, the design of a product and the style of advertising are still very attractive to me. The first thing is to pay attention to whether it looks good or not, and then go to the black technology inside. Last year, I accidentally saw advertisements for beats solo3 wireless stars (beats should be the earliest advertising brand), a superstar paired with Disney's music, and in particular praised Xia Wei’s classmates, even though I was a passerby. Still could not help thinking of the sentence: "Litter grass, handsome!" But beats products are not very cheap, the price of 2288 is not very friendly to me, after all, plus a few hundred you can buy Bose and Dafa's noise reduction, and individuals still like the QC35, then gave up the red (zhuang) move (bi), but a small grass but secretly planted.

Around January 4th, one person brushed the aunt in the lab. At that time, there was an event where Iphone or Mac products were sent to send beats solo3 wireless headphones. This is undoubtedly a big promotion. Solo3 is perfect with my iphone7. , so dark underground determined to grab a headset, the result was not grabbed. After a depressing day, I set my sights on a certain domestic fish. On that day, the earphones on a certain fish were extremely hot. Searching for this keyword was full of pages, buyers and sellers bargained, and after some hard work, the matte black beats. Solo3 wireless finally received today.

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Appearance Gallery

It's a freshly baked single post

Unpacking while writing original

Just got the headset packaging, the front display is a special edition black, which is matte black, I heard that the matte black purchase price is more expensive than other colors, and the currency is not a lot.

Headphone package front

The back of the show shows the advantages of the solo3, such as Bluetooth connectivity, up to 40H battery life, charge for 5 minutes to play 3 hours of function, battery display, etc.

Headphone packaging on the back of the box and Logitech MX master mouse than the size, have to say that the box is still quite large and thick, people feel that the value back to the ticket feeling.

Compared with MX master

Drawer-type packaging is still very fine, the box work is also very good, do not know how much the cost of this box.

The black box has a lid and the lid has a slogan that says CHANGE THE WAY YOU HEAR SOUND. Perhaps it is a belief that the beats are transmitting to us. For most consumers, headphones are nothing more than audible. With the premise of ensuring sound quality, fashion and professional sports may be more important to some consumers. This is exactly the two main marketing directions of beats. Have to say, since the investment in the fruit, advertising is really getting better and better, more and more!

After opening, there is a small bag printed with B, which is still quite small.

There is a packet, which is a headset

Underneath the headphone bag has instructions, warranty cards, and some data cables and other accessories

Headphone bag is quite small and my iphone7 is almost as big

Headphone bag and zipper work is also very good

Headphone body, as a low-key person or matte black is the most reliable, it does not feel bad for the card issuer brand is still quite good-looking, the value of (bi) (ge) does not lose at all.

Headphone body

Headphones indicate the charge sign. The charge port is indicated here. It uses a micro USB interface and can be quickly charged. Theoretically, it can be charged for 5 minutes and listen to songs for 3 hours.

Charging interface indication

The bluetooth logo and the volume size logo can be played and paused by pressing the beats key in the middle. Long press can call Siri, and can also answer and hang up the phone, and the up and down position of the B key can adjust the volume.

Charged micro-usb interface and 3.5mm headphone jack, it's weird for not using lighting, usually a line in the bag.

Head beam position is still very comfortable, soft rubber, headphones work is also very solid, I feel a lot better than the low-end beats workmanship.

Parts of the earphone headset work is also very good, there is no high-end headphones, so very satisfied.

Finally connect iphone, turn on the headset and mobile phone Bluetooth will automatically pair, or very convenient

experience feelings

Pairing the headset with your iPhone is a big feature of this headset. It is connected via an iCloud account. Depending on the W1 chip, up to 40 hours of battery life and fast charging are bugs in the Bluetooth headset area. Just put on this headset to pull the biggest still a bit chuck, it should be his head big and tempting ears, just began to wear comfort to discuss, now set in the box so that the first beam softer. As for the sound quality, it is still very good, but he has not heard good headphones, but it feels worse than Apple's original.

to sum up

To spend the price of less than 1,500 to buy the favorite color is still good, Yan value and sound quality is also quite satisfactory, I think the work is still quite solid, better than I expected the hairpin brand, the expectation is still able to use a little longer. The first time the younger brother was original, it would be nice if you look at the officer, don't spray me!

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