The key to industrial multiplication lies in the development of three industries

September 30, 2019

The key to implementing the industry multiplication strategy lies in the fact that the three industries must develop in tandem, and the premise is that advanced manufacturing must lead the development. In the same way, we must also attach importance to the main role of the modern service industry, and we must take the path of development of high value-added agriculture that serves the city.

In the past few days, our reporter has strongly promoted the "industry doubled" strategy as the theme and interviewed representatives of the Municipal People's Congress.

The service industry must implement a strategy of industrial multiplication. It must not only emphasize the status of the advanced manufacturing industry, but also pay attention to the main role of the modern service industry. It must promote the upgrading of traditional service industries and accelerate the development of modern service industries. It is necessary to focus on the development of production. As a breakthrough, the service industry has vigorously developed the modern logistics industry, information service industry, and business service industry associated with advanced manufacturing industries.

Representative Guo Qizhou:

Building the National Regional Service Center "I listened to Huang Xinchu's speech at the closing session of the CPPCC. I feel very excited and inspiring. The speech fully and systematically answered the major question of "how to build Chengdu and what kind of Chengdu to build", and Chengdu The beautiful blueprint for the future can be said to have appeared before our eyes.” Guo Qizhou, deputy of the Municipal People’s Congress and director of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, stated that in 2012, the city’s commercial work will deeply implement the overall strategy of the municipal party committee and closely center on “industry Chengdu” and “open Chengdu”. With the construction of “Pleasant Chengdu” as the main line for industrial promotion and improvement of people's livelihood, and with the expansion of opening up as the support, taking emerging industries as the breakthrough point and major projects as the starting point, we continued to deepen the comprehensive pilot reform of the service industry, deepened the opening and cooperation, and strived to enhance The residents' happiness index will speed up the construction of Chengdu into a regional service center for the country and provide strong support for the construction of a world-class ecological garden city with integrated urban and rural areas, comprehensive modernization, and full internationalization. In 2012, the value-added of the service industry increased by more than 13% year-on-year. The total retail sales of consumer goods increased by 18% year-on-year, and foreign trade exports increased by more than 18%.

"This year, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce will insist on expanding foreign demand as an emerging kinetic energy for promoting Chengdu's economic development, actively promote foreign trade, outsourcing, and foreign economics and the "three external linkages" to further promote global opening up, strengthen open economic strength, and speed up the construction of "openness." "Chengdu" has created new advantages for export-oriented economic development. Guo Qizhou told reporters that this year will speed up the construction of comprehensive bonded zones, accelerate the progress of the approval of the Shuangliu Comprehensive Bonded Zone, and strive to complete the approval and put into operation in the first half of 2012; to promote integration of Lenovo, Compal, etc. The key foreign trade enterprises under construction in the bonded area are put into production as soon as possible. Promote the pilot innovation of bonded logistics business in the High-tech Integrated Bonded Zone and promote the development of the Intel Distribution Center. This year, the Chengdu Hi-tech Comprehensive Bonded Area strives to achieve an import and export volume of more than US$27.5 billion, accounting for over 61% of the city’s foreign trade’s imports and exports, an increase of 12 percentage points over the previous year. Simultaneously built "Chengdu International Import Commodity Exhibition and Trade Center" in the High-tech Park of S&P Zone and Shuangliu Park, started the construction of Qingyang District National Commodity Center and Chengdu International Trade City South Asia Commodity Pavilion, and accelerated the formation of a global-oriented, policy-superimposed, full-featured, The "one district, two parks" trading platform of industrial clusters has created the main position for foreign trade.

“This year will also implement the “International Market Expansion Project,” introduce a “go global” support policy, increase support for the “international actions of Chengdu's advantageous and characteristic industrial enterprises”, encourage and guide enterprises to increase the development of emerging potential markets, and achieve The policy supports “going out.” He said that during the year, more than 10 and more than 300 people will go abroad (outside China) to participate in international market development activities. The annual cross-border trade RMB settlement business will increase by more than RMB 1 billion from the previous year. .

Urban agriculture Urban agriculture not only bears economic functions, but also undertakes ecological functions, landscape functions, and leisure functions. The key to the development of urban agriculture is to consider the consumption needs of urban people, promote the ecological, organic, characteristic, branding, and processing of agriculture, and increase agricultural added value by changing the terminal form of agricultural products.

Representative Guo Jinan:

The efforts to achieve agricultural industry doubled, Municipal People's Congress, the director of the Municipal Agriculture Commission Guo Jinan said, “The speech of Huang Xinchu, secretary of the CPPCC at the closing of the General Assembly, is a new historical starting point for the development of Chengdu. The high housing development system has planned the development of Chengdu. Actually, from the strategic deployment to the tactical arrangement, the future development of Chengdu will be inspiring and inspiring.” The next step will be the development of agro-intensive processing industry, organic high-efficiency agriculture and high-end seed industry, leading the adjustment of agriculture and industrial structure and accelerating We will build a modern agricultural industry chain that integrates agriculture, industry and trade, and production and sales, and strive to double the agricultural industry. “The Municipal Agriculture Commission plans to achieve industrial multiplication in terms of intensive processing of agricultural products, organic high-efficiency agriculture, high-end seed industry, rural tourism, and doubling of farmers' income.” Guo Jinan said that in 2015, the city’s output of intensive processing of agricultural products exceeded 100 billion, The output value of organic agriculture reached 2.4 billion, and the output value of seed industry reached 4.2 billion. The city's leisure agriculture and rural tourism received 76 million tourists each year, total income reached 7.6 billion yuan, and per capita net income of farmers reached 18,000 yuan.

Representative Chen Shunan:

Building a high-end modern agricultural park “What will the future Tianfu New District look like? What will change for our production and life? Today's Baiguo Village, whether it is a teahouse, a field or a dam, the villagers talk about There is only one topic at the most, namely the Tianfu New District.” Chen Shunan, the representative of the Municipal People’s Congress and Party Secretary of Baiguo Village in Yong’an Township, Shuangliu County, said that the Tianfu New District has now become a “topic” for villagers to discuss every day. Everyone is looking forward to Tianfu. The new blueprint for the future.

According to the general plan of Tianfu New District, within the planned area of ​​1,578 square kilometers in the Tianfu New District, Shuangliu has occupied more than 800 square kilometers, which means that Shuangliu County will become the main battlefield for the construction of Tianfu New District. “At present, the people of the village are eager to try their best and are ready to invest in the construction boom of Tianfu New District.” According to reports, Baiguo Village is a shallow Qiuqiu platform on the Mumashan Mountain, with Jinjiang in the east and Huanglongxi Town in the south, with red grapes and organic vegetables. famous. “Because it is only ten minutes away from Huanglong Creek, the next step is to prepare and build a high-end modern agricultural park, vigorously develop modern agriculture, urban agriculture and tourism agriculture, and expand and strengthen the relevant industrial chain. By then, tourists will Not only can you visit Huanglong River, but you can also enjoy organic grapes in the village of Baiguo, where you can enjoy a variety of farm experiences.

As the representative of grass-roots people’s congresses, Chen Shun’an stated that he will bring back the spirit of the strategic deployment of the municipal party committee and the municipal government during the “two sessions,” and the spirit of the speeches of the secretaries, and carry out extensive preaching to the people in Baiguo Village, bringing the hearts and minds of the broad masses of the people together with the municipal party committee and the municipal government. The center's work is closely linked. "This will surely set off a broader and more sustained learning and discussion wave in the village of Baiguo."

The automobile industry takes the development of high-end industries and high-end industrial development to promote regional economic and social development. The formulation of the strategic positioning of “Building the core growth pole of the western economy” and the implementation of the “industry multiplication” strategy have created major development opportunities for the city's industrial development. "The establishment of high-end industries and new industries will consolidate Chengdu's economic cornerstone."

Cai Xiaomin, who represents the high-end industry and represents Chengdu Economic Base People's Congress and associate professor Cai Yuan of the Sichuan University’s School of Business Administration, stated that “implementing the “industry multiplication” strategy and consolidating the industrial development of the western economic core growth pole.”

The development of industry was the topic that Tsai was less concerned about than in the conference. Prior to this conference, Tsai spent less than two months, organized and participated in the investigation of the new energy industry in the city, mainly focusing on the development of the LED industry in the city. And achievements, raise questions, analyze countermeasures. “The LED industry has strategic advantages such as new energy, new materials, environmental protection, and energy saving. It is also one of the industries in which the city focuses on development. Therefore, it is necessary to forcefully seize the “commanding heights” of development.” After researching, Tsai believes that overall It seems that the Chengdu LED lighting industry has begun to take shape and the industry has a good momentum of development. However, there are also problems such as the current industrial chain still stays in the terminal manufacturing process, and the enterprise scale is generally small.

“The construction of the Tianfu New District and the implementation of the “industry multiplication” strategy have given Chengdu LED a great opportunity for development.” Tsai believes that the city itself has a spectacular microelectronics industry cluster, a strong scientific and technological talent team, and developed The industrial economic environment has provided strong support for the growth of the LED industry. In order to further enhance the city's new energy industry, she suggests drawing lessons from the advanced experience of developing LED industry at home and abroad, combining other cities to cultivate and support the LED industry, introducing high-end enterprises, supporting local enterprises to become bigger and stronger, and promoting the integration of production, education and research. Enhance corporate innovation capabilities, increase investment in science and technology, carry out key technology research, strive to master core technologies, standardize industry standards, implement market access, cultivate markets, promote product applications, establish environmental protection and energy conservation concepts, and encourage and promote civilian lighting using LED products .

The automobile industry industry supports urban development. The city provides industrial support, the interaction between new-type industrialization and new-type urbanization, and the integration of “products and industries” in the production industry, which has been promoted in all aspects of urban development and industrial development in Chengdu.

Chen Zhengming:

Industry development strongly promotes regional development “Strive to support the development of the automobile industry as the leading force and the “two interactions” development strategy!” Chen Zhengming, deputy to the municipal people’s congress, mayor’s assistant, party secretary of Longquanyi District, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Economic Development Zone, Chen Zhengming Introductory, the long-term mechanism for the masses of Longquanyi District to jointly create the “two interactions” development results has been continuously improved. “We are trying to build a “Happy Longquan”!”

Li Gang said:

The continued introduction of world-class companies and data from Da-Tian Town can better illustrate that the development of the industry can strongly promote regional development and promote the integration of production and development.

“At present, many villagers choose to enter the factory and earn a lot of income, earning three or four thousand yuan per month.” Li Gang, secretary of the Longhua Village Party Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress and Longquanyi District, was excited to introduce the car. The vehicle manufacturing companies and related spare parts enterprises have settled in Longhua Village, which has brought drastic changes to the local area. “We changed the past by relying on heaven to eat, and we have successfully realized the community’s employment plan, ensuring that all those who are willing to work can find employment smoothly. For example, the Kobelco Group, which settled locally four years ago, has absorbed a large number of villagers entering the factory to work, achieved employment at home, and received monthly wages of three to four thousand yuan. In addition, local residents live and work in peace, and the farmers’ Social pension insurance has also been successfully implemented."

According to reports, Longhua Village is located at the intersection of Chengdu Expressway and Chenglong Road in Chengdu. It belongs to Chengdu National Economic Development Zone. The advantages of location, transportation, and basic conditions are obvious. “As the backyard of Chengdu, the bridgehead industry in the economic development zone of Kaifeng District, with the implementation of the “industry multiplication” strategy in the Tianfu New District, the people will surely receive greater benefits in the future.” Li Gang said with great expectation. "This year, we will also firmly seize the industry leader in vehicle manufacturing and parts supporting industries, and continue to introduce world-class enterprises on the basis of expanding the scale of the industry." It is reported that this year includes negotiations and construction of cars that have already started construction. Among the relevant industrial enterprises, 12 will be located in Longhua Village, including the construction of new energy vehicles.

New Energy Industry The new energy industry is one of the representative industries of strategic emerging industries. Its development plays a very positive role in promoting the development of regional economy and society.

According to the data from the Municipal Economic and Information Commission, in 2011, the city has introduced 11 industrial core projects such as Sangle, Tongwei, and Zende, and has promoted the construction of 34 million yuan or more major projects, with a total investment of 9 billion yuan. Among them, 12 projects including Hanergy Photovoltaic Amorphous Silicon Thin Film Solar Cell and Xinyuan Shengguang were completed and put into production; 12 projects including Tianwei New Energy Phase III and other projects were accelerated; Zende Solar and Tongwei Solar Silicon Deep Processing and other 10 projects were completed. Construction.

Gao Zhijian:

The sales revenue of the three major industries will strive to quadruple in 2016. According to the 2012 work arrangement, 10 leading companies including Tianwei New Energy, Hanergy Photovoltaic and 90 households of Dongfang Hitachi will be accelerated to increase their main business. Revenue of 7 billion yuan; 10 major projects, including Xushuang Phase 1 thin-film solar cell and national ship new energy photovoltaic energy storage battery, will reach production output, and will increase the main business income by 1 billion yuan; accelerate the construction of Zend solar concentrating heat reflection 8 major projects such as mirrors, Tongwei solar cells and modules; 11 major projects such as the promotion of Datang New Energy lithium-ion battery production base and Yangzhong Jiaming solar silicon wafer; and ensuring that the main business income for the whole year will be 45 billion yuan. 20% increase.

According to the planning and layout of the integrated functional areas of the new energy industry in our city, Shuangliu County is the core bearing area for the development of new energy industry in our city.

"Strive to implement the "industry multiplication" strategy, urban development strategy, the "three strategies" of reform and opening up strategy!" Gao Zhijian, deputy of the municipal people's congress and secretary of the Shuangliu county party committee, said that in the development process, it will pay close attention to the real economy and develop advanced manufacturing industries. Accelerate the cultivation of new energy equipment manufacturing, emerging electronic information, aviation hub services, and manufacturing and maintenance of the three hundred billion industrial clusters. By 2016, sales revenue of these three major industries will ensure more than six times 2011, and will strive to quadruple.

Gao Zhijian said that he will take the initiative to connect with the spatial layout plan of the Tianfu New District, sort out and study the projects under construction, proposed and reserve in the county, and sort out 45 start-up projects with a total investment of 70 billion yuan, which will be determined by the city, including industries. 22 projects, 19 infrastructure projects, and 4 comprehensive supporting projects to ensure that fixed asset investment in 2012 reached 57 billion yuan, an increase of 20%, and strive to reach the target of 59 billion yuan, an increase of 25%, of which industrial investment will reach 20 billion. Yuan above. At the same time, we will focus on the construction of industrial projects. Focus on science and technology, strengthen the real economy, strengthen industrial support, and actively promote in-depth cooperation with UESTC, Chuanda University, Southwestern Jiaotong University and other colleges and research institutes, and groom the region in Tianfu New District to create a “university industrial city,” with scientific research Transformation of Achievements Drives the Development of Advanced Manufacturing Industry; Focusing on Strengthening the Industrial Support of Open Regional Centers, Accelerating the Development of Export-Oriented Economy and Ensuring Imports and Exports in 2012 to reach 2.25 billion U.S. Dollars, an increase of 18.5%, striving for 2.26 billion U.S. Dollars, an increase of 19%, and foreign trade Exports of 1.92 billion US dollars, an increase of 28%, and strive to reach 1.95 billion US dollars, an increase of 30%. Pay close attention to attracting foreign investment. Focusing on the “three-way development” of going international, docking the coast and integrating into Chengdu, aiming at domestic and foreign leading enterprises and industry leaders, intensifying professional investment promotion and attracting enterprises, actively introducing high technology content, large industrial correlation, and strong driving ability. Major projects and world-renowned supporting services such as science, education, medical services, and business, systematically undertake the transfer of funds, projects, technologies, and modern cities, and strive to build Shuangliu into the "bridgehead" of the city's opening to the outside world.

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