Suspend Sony Sharp? Hisense MU8600 Quasi-flagship TV First Test

June 15, 2021

After the Internet TV is running out of temperature, the display technology of the traditional TV shows force. This year's color TV industry is nothing but a lively event. Due to the strong outbreak of Internet thinking, smart display and innovative application industries have taken many forms. The emerging Internet TV brands collided with traditional TV makers with fierce sparks. Internet TV has been favored by many young consumers due to its focus on content and ecology. The traditional manufacturers have been doing business in a down-to-earth manner and are committed to developing display technologies. At the same time, they have also increasingly focused on the construction of content and the layout of ecology under the Internet environment. Among many traditional television manufacturers, Hisense can be considered as a representative figure.

Hisense's performance this year was enough to describe it as "bright eyes". First, it released its new generation ULED ultra-definition Internet TV in April, applied the third-generation ULED technology and Hisense's independently developed Hi-View Pro quality chip. This SOC picture quality chip is also the first TV chip in China. At the same time, Hisense ULED 3.0 ultra-definition TV will also increase the brightness of LCD TVs to 1200 nits, achieving tens of millions of contrast ratios and ultra-high color gamut, which will push LCD TVs to a new level.

Hisense's new ULED TV series
"Hisense TV, China's No. 1" slogan believes that friends who watched the European Cup must have been aware that, yes, as the world's top three Hisense TV in this year's sports year high-profile sponsored the French European Cup, became the European Cup 56 The first Chinese sponsor since this year is also the first time that Chinese companies have become top global partners in international sports events. We all know that this year is also the Olympic year. Hisense has now officially become the official partner of the Chinese national gymnastics team. Hisense's products will accompany the national gymnastics team to go to the Rio Olympic Games.

Hisense High-profile Sponsors European Cup
Hisense has achieved good results and achievements both in marketing strategy and in new television products this year, further laying its own dominance in the country. The Zhongguancun online evaluation room also had the privilege of getting the 55-inch MU8600 European Cup commemorative TV in Hisense ULED 3.0 super quality TV at the first time. Before, we have made a comprehensive evaluation for the MU9600 TV in the ultra picture TV. (High-Quality banner! Hisense UMD MU9600 nationwide first test) Interested friends can click to watch. Today, we have come to make a comprehensive interpretation of the series of MU8600 TV.

Hisense 55-inch MU8600 TV appearance

The Hisense MU8600 TV series is divided into two mainstream sizes, 55-inch and 65-inch, and the test model received this time is 55 inches. The overall look of the TV is still very concise and eliminates unnecessary decoration. The overall use of light gold with a black screen gives a sense of youthful fashion. Compared with the stable atmosphere of Hisense MU9600 TV, MU8600 brings more vitality and passion, which is also in line with the European Cup commemorative edition.

Hisense MU8600 TV

Hisense MU8600 ultra-narrow frame
The Hisense MU8600 has an ultra-narrow frame design, and also has a tilt design to bring a better sense of sight and greater visibility. At the same time, the application of one-folding process at the border is more rounded than the right-angle design of a general TV. It does not give people the kind of icy metal feeling and feels more delicate and texture.

Body thickness is only 8.9mm
The body thickness of Hisense MU8600 is only 8.9mm, which is equivalent to the thickness of iPhone6, which truly interprets the slim body. At present, the size of TVs is developing toward the big screen. To make products full of sense of technology while saving space, we must work hard at the thickness of the fuselage. Fortunately, after many years of development, liquid crystal has finally overcome the problem of structural optimization of the backplane, allowing it to have a truly ultra-thin body.

4000R gold curvature
Why do I say that 4000R is the golden curvature, 4000R curvature is the best curvature of surface television recognized in the television industry. It has the same curvature as the eye lens. This curvature allows every point of the TV to be exactly equidistant from the eye. It is the most comfortable viewing TV curvature. In the performance of presence, surface design does have a wider sense of screen extension. When viewed at close range, the extension of the visual area on both sides of the curved surface makes the telepresence feel better than the flat-panel TV.

Hisense Logo

Life Reimayined Life Concept - ULED

European Cup Commemorative Logo
This Hisense MU8600 TV is a commemorative version of the European Cup, which naturally has to be reflected in the product. In the lower left corner of the TV, the logo of the 2016 Delaunay Cup was printed, which is still very memorable. At the same time, the bottom border of the TV visualizes the outgoing sound design. Before the sound is output, the sound is visualized, and the sound is visually transmitted from the front end to reduce the sound loss caused by the outgoing sound and the down sound. The surface also passed through the plum grid design to ensure the overall appearance of the TV.

TV base
Hisense MU8600 applied a bridge-type design to the base. The bases on both sides were connected together by a bridge of steel materials. At the same time, the base also used aerospace steel, which further ensured the stability of the TV and provided the user with a small child at home. Further protection.

Overall and details of the back
The Hisense MU8600 TV looks quite tidy on the back, and the back panel uses a metal wire drawing process, which is neat and clean, highlighting the sense of technology and quality. The circuit board and the bottom back shell use a silver-gray combination to complement the metal brushed backplane. Hisense MU8600 also has a five-dimensional navigation bar, if the user can not find the remote control, you can use it to perform simple operations on the TV.

Interface configuration
In the interface, Hisense MU8600 TV also provides users with a wealth of choices. Two sets of USB 3.0 interfaces are included, as are basic network ports and AV input and output ports. At the same time, the TV is also equipped with three sets of HDMI2.0 interfaces. Compared with the HDMI 1.4 interface, the 2.0 interface expands the bandwidth to 18 Gbps. At the same time, a TF card slot is also provided at the bottom of the frame, so that the user can easily perform plugging and unplugging. Generally, it can meet the external needs of most users.

Hisense MU8600 TV Remote Control
The Hisense MU8600 TV remote control has been simplistic and is no longer as complex as the older models. Each time you use it, you must first carefully look through the function keys. At the same time, it also supports personalized customization of key functions. Users can customize live broadcast and game buttons to start TV applications. For example, if a user likes to use poly content, instead of playing games, he can define the game keys as poly-usable, and expand one-touch direct access. To all applications that users like, let one-touch direct more convenient. The design of the remote control is also very meticulous. The surface is made of bright metal. At the same time, Hisense has also performed a “bend” on the remote control to make it more comfortable to hold. At the same time, each button is also very accurate and there is no hysteresis. Or inaccurate situation.

Hisense 55-inch MU8600 TV objective instrument test

Hisense MU8600 has a high color gamut technology, so that the color gamut has been effectively improved. The common color gamut technology is a blue LED lamp that illuminates a yellow phosphor to excite a white backlight. The Hisense high-color gamut technology is a yellow phosphor made by irradiating a precise proportion of the ratio of the blue LED lamp. The yellow phosphor is made of two kinds of phosphors, red and green, to optimize the purity of the phosphor. White light source, effectively enhance the color performance and color layering.

High Color gamut technology
At the same time, Hisense MU8600 TV also applies a multi-zone efficient light guide system. With the use of an ultra-thin light guide plate, an optical lens is further added between the LED backlight plate and the light guide plate to focus the light source, thereby realizing multi-zone light guiding and avoiding light leakage and uneven brightness distribution. At the same time Hisense MU8600 also has 16 Local Dimming backlight partitions, effectively improving the dark field performance, thereby enhancing the screen contrast and black and white layering.

16 Local Dimming backlight partitions
The instrument used in this test is the BM-7A luminance colorimeter produced by Topcon to measure the chromaticity coordinates of Hisense MU8600 TV in different colors, and calculate the contrast, color gamut, color saturation and draw corresponding values ​​according to the corresponding values. Color map and so on. Before carrying out this test, we first let the machine work normally for one hour and restore it to the factory mode. The entire test environment was performed in the darkroom.

BM-7A Test Instrument

Hisense MU8600 TV objective instrument test
After our tests, according to industry standards for display common measurement methods, Hisense MU8600 TV's color gamut coverage reached 91.45% (NTSC1931), we all know that the industry standard color gamut coverage is 72%, and MU8600 far exceeds this Standards refreshed the overall level of LCD TVs. Due to the MU8600 TV's multi-zone light guide, it also boasts 16 Local Dimming backlight partitions, which effectively increase the brightness and dark field performance, resulting in a dynamic contrast ratio of 165,530:1 and excellent performance.

In fact, the gamut can reach 90%+ TV products. It is very difficult to control the color gamut. The control of the three primary colors is very particular about the scale. If the color gamut coverage cannot be accurately restored, the color of the screen will be distorted. At the same time, the range of color coverage is not as high as possible. Excessive coverage rate will make the color too bright. Instead, it will cause inaccurate colors and cause no discomfort to the eyes. And Hisense MU8600 TV's three primary colors basically fit the standard, the color is beautiful and natural.

Hisense 55-inch MU8600 TV local test

When watching television, users will inevitably have to watch TV during the day. However, most ordinary TVs will have serious reflections. This will greatly affect the user's viewing effect and cause visual fatigue. The Hisense MU8600 TV uses The moth-eye bionic screen technology effectively reduces reflections and reduces ambient light interference. The picture is more realistic and the viewing is more comfortable.

There are many factors that affect the effect of liquid crystal display, many consumers will pay attention to brightness, contrast, color gamut and other parameters, according to the author many years of experience in LCD product testing, in fact, compared to these conventional values, the performance of the black market is actually more decisive In other words, the LCD backlight system is actually the culprit of destroying the quality of the LCD. Controlling the backlight system can control the image quality. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand why Hisense pays so much attention to the backlight system.

4K picture measured

4K picture measured

4K picture measured

4K picture measured
MEMC is a display technology that can effectively enhance the details of the motion picture. Unlike other brands, the Hisense MU8600 TV adopts bi-directional 4KM EMC+ technology to enhance the display effect through vertical two-way scanning, thereby expanding the search scope. Under high-speed motion scenarios, the phenomenon of smearing and ghosting can be reduced to a level that is hardly noticeable to the human eye. When watching sports TV subtitles, there will be no jitter. Here we come to look at the performance of Hisense MU8600 through several 4K videos.

4K video measurement

4K video measurement

4K video measurement

4K video measurement
From the above a few 4K video screenshots we can see that the corresponding speed of this screen of Hisense MU8600 TV is still very good, even in the case of high-speed motion, the picture did not delay the emergence of ghosting and other situations. The static picture's color and details are all excellent. During the testing process, we also observed the video resources of some sports events. After careful observation, the overall performance is smooth and clear. Users who like to watch sports events can enjoy their eyes.

Hisense 55-inch MU8600 TV HDR video test

Everyone may have felt this year, and our lives have been flooded with various "R"s. The concept of VR, MR, AR and HDR appeared before our eyes. Of course, the concept of HDR is closely related to television display technology. HDR can be said to be the most important display technology after 4K. This year, domestic and foreign TV manufacturers are all working together to develop HDR technology and apply this increasingly fierce display technology to their own flagship products.

The technical principle of HDR is to perform algorithm analysis through dark and bright areas to achieve deeper dark areas and brighter bright areas, which is what we often call high dynamic range images. Bringing the most direct experience to the user is bringing a more layered picture effect and superior darkness performance, which truly reflects the environmental effect. The full HDR of the Hisense MU8600 TV is a high dynamic contrast display device that restores image quality from the perspective of storage, decoding and display, and Internet video.

HDR video measurement

HDR video measurement

HDR video measurement

HDR video measurement
Through our actual testing, the HDR performance of the Hisense MU8600 TV is satisfactory. Specific to the performance of the black field will not appear other LCD TV light leakage situation, the screen is extremely excellent in three-dimensional sense, the details of the dark part is perfect, in the bright area display is also very realistic. The details of the light shining on the water were not lost, but the real light showed the ambient light. At the same time, the ultra-narrow edge design of Hisense MU8600 TV makes the whole picture more immersive, and the extreme visual experience brought by HDR makes you feel like the world in the picture.

Hisense 55-inch MU8600 TV System

VIDAA operation believe that everyone is already very familiar with, Hisense MU8600 TV equipped with a new VIDAA4 operating system, this set of operating systems based on Android5.1 depth customization, not only brings more rich intelligent content, but also in the interaction to achieve a key in-depth Direct. The biggest change in VIDAA4 system is to improve and innovate for the previous version, mainly to better fit users' habits. At the same time, through Hisense's layout of content ecology, the contents of the plates, such as good-looking, fun-filled, and poly-learning, are constantly enriched, allowing users to enjoy the richest and most exciting large-screen entertainment experience while watching the movie.

VIDAA4 main interface
VIDAA4 changes the horizontal layout mode as always. Now you can view more content by sliding up and down, and the main interface is to push some fine content for users to facilitate the user experience. If you want to use keywords to describe this operating system, it is absolutely simple and fast, rich in content, and highly interactive. Similar to most Android smart set-top boxes, getting started is very simple and the icons are flat and easy to use.

Personalized settings
At the bottom of the VIDDA4 main interface, in addition to the top 5 content topics, Hisense applies the entire list below. Users can not only freely discharge their location, but also can easily find the downloaded application and be personalized. It is still necessary to mention the fluency of the VIDDA4 operating system. No matter whether it is installing or opening various applications, there is no stalling or delay in the actual operation process.

Search interface

Set interface
In addition to the basic pinyin first letter search method, VIDDA4 system also supports voice recognition function, users only need to press the voice button on the remote control, the TV will automatically identify the search results presented to the user. At the same time, voice can not only achieve voice on demand, but also can adjust the progress, search for movies, TV shows, music, applications, weather, channels and other content.

WeChat Interconnect TV

WeChat watching TV function
The VIDDA4 operating system also has a very user-friendly side. It can be quickly connected by focusing on the WeChat public number "Hisense TV Assistant" mobile phone and TV. Here, the user can push the corresponding content through the mobile phone to the television. If the remote controller cannot be found, the mobile phone can also be used as a remote controller to control the television, and the application can be installed directly to the television through the mobile phone. The author in the actual operation, the delay time is very short, almost negligible, for the user has brought great convenience.

Hisense MU8600 quasi-flagship TV users can refer to the tutorial: Hisense TV Universal Tutorial installation method Install the sofa butler to expand third-party applications.

Hisense 55-inch MU8600 TV content

In terms of content, Hisense MU8600 TV combined with iCNTV (Future TV Co., Ltd.) and Tencent video platform brought rich content, so some of the more popular TV dramas and movie theaters can be on-demand on Hisense TV. Will automatically update. The ad hoc intelligent recommendation engine pushes content according to the user's browsing habits, making it very user-friendly. The main content classifications are poly-looking, poly-learning, poly-enjoying, poly-hobbying, and multi-use. Each category has its own dedicated page.

Get a good look at the interface

iCNTV+ Tencent Video Content

Latest movie magic wheel screenshot

The latest TV show fantasy city screenshot

Hot TV Challenger League second quarter screenshot

The latest cartoon strongest soldier mini secret team screenshot
In the category of good-looking viewers, movies, television shows, variety shows, and animations are covered. The coverage is quite comprehensive, like the latest release of the movie Magic Wheel, the synchronized update of the TV series Fantasy City, and the hit TV Challenger League second quarter. Can find, and 1080P source is very rich. The purchase of VIP can enjoy full-time viewing of 1080P content, while the newest movie in the cinema is updated synchronously with Penguin Cinema, allowing users to enjoy more comprehensive video resources.

Poly Learning

Role management

Online class

Online class
With the rapid development of smart TVs, watching video on TV is no longer a difficult task. In the poly-learning, the latest content is divided into 7 major areas, namely, the needs of pre-school, elementary school, junior high school, high school, English, interest, career seven major teaching needs. At present, the content of poly-learning covers multiple terminals, including televisions, mobile phones, and tablet computers. At the same time, a dedicated content interface has been customized for users of different ages, so that users can easily learn the knowledge they want through television.


TV shopping

Product Categories

Home appliance area
In the poly-enjoyment platform, it provides users with a great deal of product information. The platform has 50,000 pieces of goods. It can be directly mailed to the bonded areas all over the world, and has genuine commitment to support the authenticity of the brand's official website. Including Jingdong, Suning Tesco and other e-commerce have settled. At the same time, big brands such as L'Oreal, Chanel and Dior are able to directly purchase households. It can be said that goods from multiple countries around the world can be sent directly to each user's home. TV shopping provides users with more convenience. We can pick the products we need without leaving the house. At the same time, some limited-time discount products have a very high price/performance ratio and bring a lot of benefits.

Gathering fun

Warrior Legends game

Game screenshots
Relying on the eco-industrial chain of video games, it provides a large-screen TV game control experience. Hisense Laser Theater Ultimate can support a variety of game modes, support iOS and Android cross-platform operation, support tablet, mobile phone, remote control, gamepad, somatosensory gun and other control methods to achieve multi-person cooperation, multi-screen competition. Handle area and remote control area, the whole family can also be easily entertained together. Of course, some games are paid for, which can bring a better gaming experience and satisfy the thrill of high-end game players.

Good for use

Different software categories
Gathering as the name suggests, it is a platform for downloading applications for users. It mainly focuses on assistive software and leisure applications. After in-depth optimization and test, it enables the application software to achieve high resolution and smoothness on TV. The operation. At the same time, fluent operations are also very rich in resources. Of course, third-party applications can be installed, compatible with most Android applications, and meet the needs of different users.

Test summary:

Hisense MU8600 TV's ultra-thin surface design left a deep impression, coupled with the ultra-narrow frame design will undoubtedly bring a better sense of the eyes and a greater vision; 4000R golden curvature than on the spot The flat panel is even more outstanding; the visualized front audio design reduces the sound loss caused by the outgoing sound and the lower outgoing sound, allowing the user to enjoy a private exclusive sound effect; ULED 3.0 achieves the LCD TV's peak brightness, color gamut, and contrast ratio. The highest quality level; content users can enjoy more than 1 million online program content, but also enjoy the European Cup, the Olympic Games and other major events, to enjoy the differentiated service.

Hisense MU8600 European Cup Commemorative TV
Hisense MU8600 TV has even surpassed Japan and South Korea TV products in many core display technologies and configurations. The selling price of less than 10,000 yuan also makes it more competitive. Based on such a good product experience, the number of active users of Hisense's global smart TV has exceeded 18 million, and this number will increase to 45 million by 2018. Hisense's activation users will gradually become one of the largest in China and possibly the largest in the world. TV network media.

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