SAMSUNG Samsung Galaxy S7 G930FD Mobile Depth Experience

June 15, 2021

Speaking of the 2016 flagship of the best value for money, the answer that first appeared in the minds of children's shoes that love to play is undoubtedly the Samsung S7 non-curvature version.

In mid-June, hand slipped the previous 2014 MOTO X into powder. So embarked on a mobile phone tour, check the information soon locked S7. Originally, it was necessary to drive Dogdong 618 to pick up her hand. Suddenly we thought that we would have to pay non-Google services and use Samsung to pay for it. We must buy a non-state bank to do this. Changed into the most convenient version of the Hong Kong Bank.

The only remaining problem is that if the Hong Kong-based Samsung Pay will not support RMB settlement after the opening of the airport, my cautious machine will be completely empty.

In fact, after the phone came to hand, I spent more than a month. Just two days ago to see Note7 release, found that the S series have been released for half a year. It would be good if there wasn’t anything written. It would be good for nobody to read and write for so long. That is, my experience is definitely better than some media. Three days to dare to write soft papers to go deeper. You media ah, still have to learn a learning experience that engaged in machine ☉..☉

Let's start with a small outline before everything starts. The full text will be evaluated from these aspects:


Interactions and systems

Performance heat life (only for 8890 S7)

Voice call (with TF+SIM coexistence DIY)

Audio and video entertainment (including sample)


Resistance to cao (with mobile phone Amway)

Note: Since the S7 non-curvature hardware has two large versions of the Orion 8890 and the Xiaolong 820 , when the experience described later has nothing to do with the machine hardware, I will use S7 to refer to it; may be unique to the 8890 version , then use G930FD or 8890 version to refer.


S7 body with metal frame + double-sided glass material, also known as double-sided fingerprint collector, falling from any angle has the risk of fragmentation.

The color I eventually bought was called Diamond Black. The overall texture feels as if there is a tiny metal wire under the glass. As the angle of the light changes, the color can change between silver black and blue gray. The front panel continues the texture of this very fine metal wire drawing, so there is no way to hide the opening. Counting it, the forehead includes a total of 5 holes for the handset and LED. The obsessive-compulsive disorder patient can only accept the Meizu-style black front panel.

To tell the truth, this metal diamond star bought a little regret, I can only use AMOLED dark wallpaper more power, and black more dark wallpaper to comfort myself

In fact, I personally feel that with the texture of the paint, it is more in line with the connotation of the color of the diamond. S7's other color combinations, platinum light gold and titanium silver regardless of the name or the actual point of view is to maximize the metal texture, snow crystal white looks more faithful to the original texture of the glass. But I have not seen the white real machine and I am not too sure.

The ergonomically superior design of the S7 lies in the smooth transition between the curved glass back cover and the curved metal frame. Although the shape of the fuselage can't be said to fit the palm of your hand, it's not easy to do a solid cut. My hand is too small in the man's mind. When holding the S7, you can put your thumb and middle finger together with a little effort. This is even impossible with a large number of 5-inch mobile phones.

The replacement was originally named for a 5-inch (Z5 Compact and iPhone SE), and later the S7 with a narrow 5.1-inch border was actually quite small. After trying to find a real machine, we finally bowed down to a higher price/performance ratio of the S7.

System and interaction


The biggest flaw in Samsung's interaction has been these three physical keys:

The operation feedback of the mechanical key is incompatible with the operation of clicking and sliding of the touch screen mobile phone. Each press gives a feeling of jump-out on the operation; the capacitive key is more prone to miss-touch than the virtual key when watching videos and playing games. Harder to solve. While Samsung does not meet the physical key design with only one flaw, it is necessary to stay at the same time to leave two.

The direction of the return key and the task key violates the native Android operating habits.

The entity key causes the screen share not to go up: This is not for S7/S7E. About 2013 and 2014, Samsung's flagship machine accounted for a disadvantage. By this year, only the low screen of Apple's keeping its flagship machine has failed to improve.

There are some interactions that do not work:

Using the power + home screenshot at the same time instead of the power + volume reduction, initially feel that this method is not so convenient, but nothing after the habit.

Pre-fingerprint identification. Samsung pre-existing physical keys followed by pre-fingerprints, without sacrificing screen share or family attributes, so the design of the pre-fingerprint itself can be considered neutral, (and the order is reversed, in order to pre-fingerprint Recognition, deliberately changing the family design language, or even lowering the screen share, is a complete retrogression. Don't look at it is you think of motorcycles.)

Dialer supports T9 search contacts, support

The call is connected/deactivated.

You can customize the vibration mode of incoming calls, as well as the vibration intensity of incoming calls, notifications, and vibration feedback.

In addition to these points, the interaction mode, operation feedback, and transition animation of the S7 basically follow the Android M default style.

The final list of several useful Samsung features interactive mode as the finale:

The optimization of the accessibility features of Google's native systems has been further optimized. Just I can see that Samsung has targeted optimization of the use of groups include color blindness , cataracts , presbyopia , blind , deaf and mute people ... Samsung has always been one of the most friendly blind mobile phone manufacturers

After customization, three-by-one home button can directly open one or more auxiliary functions. I selected one-handed mode.

Double-click home to start the camera is very convenient. By the way, the interactive way really affects the composition - originally used MOTO to start the camera along the axis, I'm used to holding the camera horizontally, using the volume key as the shutter, shooting 4:3 photos; now with Samsung double-click home to start With my camera, my shooting habits have become longitudinally held. Click on the touch screen shutter to take 1:1 photos.

The concept of long press task key split screen display is very good, but there are not many APPs that support split screen for several years.

Screenshots, wave-wake, flip mute, action dialing, and more.

Sensor experience

In practical use, the recognition rate of waving and awakening as long as it is lower than 90% does not have much use value. After being accustomed to MOTO, Samsung's waved awakened me to experience a moment and turned it off. After all, the S7 has only one distance sensor. It is impossible to get close to the MOTO 1 distance + 3 infrared sensors.

Similarly, Always On Display cannot be as intelligent as MOTO's Active Display.

The speed of S7 fingerprinting is marginally passing, but the sensitivity is too high. I am the type of dry skin that will be exposed to water, and if there is a slight change in the fingerprint, S7 will think that it is not the original finger. Often, I press the wrong button five times and wait 30 seconds to unlock the picture. Then, why did I take the phone? . Normal contact with water is the normal washing of the man's face to wash hands, rarely wash the bowl, but each time the fingerprint is recorded, the validity period does not exceed one week.

The GPS signal is very good, the room can receive the signal within 2 meters from the window, of course, the indoor positioning will drift, which is inevitable from the principle. The compass continued the previously mentioned problem of over-sensitivity, and the pointer dangled during navigation. It is possible that the sensor of the Samsung mobile phone is deliberately adjusted to such a high sensitivity and noise reduction style.


Built-in normal and simple two Touchwiz Launcher, normal Launcher interface is not good-looking, the function is very simple, simple Launcher function is simple, fortunately the interface is relatively simple. Pretty is destined to be a missed word with Touchwiz. TW can not be ugly I have been very satisfied, anyway, always go back to Nova's old road.

Samsung's system supports theme and font stores. Obviously, the majority of authors, including officials, still understand the theme at the level of theme = wallpaper + icon package. The quality of the theme is really flattered; the fonts are mostly paid, and they contain a large number of prints that are not suitable for screen reading. And handwriting that is not suitable for reading. So for the theme and font, my suggestion is that the default is really the best, you don't toss or doubt.

Exclusive application

Samsung has customized some proprietary applications for its own devices, and some may not be pre-installed on the system. It is strongly recommended to go to the app store to install:

Game Tuner: can reduce the resolution and limit the frame rate for the game, to meet the needs of different people to play the game - there is concern for quality, but also I care about the temperature, can be configured on demand here. I generally tune into medium-quality play, so playing the game is less feverish than recording 4K.

Soundcamp: a very powerful music application, the quality of the source itself is good, there are a lot of free and chargeable separately downloadable loop, effects, this system even supports external MIDI devices, very playful.

S Assistant, S Voice: Seriously, Google Now really has no use in the Mainland. After all, there are so many services in the Mainland that only send text messages and do not send emails. The S assistant can read the information in the reservation message, which is a victory. S Voice can download voice packets so that it can be identified without being connected to the Internet.

S Health: For the first time using this kind of exercise tracking APP, S health is quite satisfactory. Of course there will definitely be better. I am not very active, too lazy to find it.

MyKnox: Samsung has hidden many of the Android account's built-in account features, and pushed MyKnox specifically with its own encryption. It is designed like a blackberry and emphasizes the isolation of personal space and work space, not just purely multi-user.

In the final list, I know that the list of Samsung cooperation custom software may be less advertisement than the public version, or Samsung users enjoy special consumer rights, and they can only be downloaded in Samsung's app store: Kindle Samsung Edition, Samsung Reading ( By reading iReader customization), Sohu News Samsung version, mobile Baidu (multi-window version), Baidu navigation ML version, high German map carmode customized version, Samsung cloud (customized by Ali cool disk)

Performance, heat, and battery life


Now more than 2,000 yuan in mobile phones do not have to worry about hardware performance, the main difference is that manufacturers adjust the call strategy. The system of the current version of the G930FD has a noticeable moment of stalling during multi-task switching, and other operations are still very smooth. However, it seems that Google has adjusted the animation of 6.0 . My two 6.0 machines (S7 and Dogs X+1 after finishing 6.0) have a variety of basic clicks and interface transitions. They are not as subjective as the previous 5.1. The dog's X fluency is smooth, of course you objectively say that S7 is better than X+1 but I do not believe → _→

About 500M of 4GB memory is reserved for hardware. A small number of system components that are not used are disabled so that the available memory is about 1.5~1.7GB. Even so, the number of background programs that S7 can open has already made me amazing. It is simply not known how scary multitasking would be if Nexus's native system were paired with 4GB of memory.

Android training

Don't you want to teach Android?

The following are recommended tuning tools for non-rooted Samsung devices (that is, not to buy the country line without root, of course, can not be killed by root):

Swipe Home Button: Solve the problem of inconsistent touch on the three physical keys, and can only reach two of them on a single handset.

Galaxy Button Lights: No longer afraid to be blinded by the physical key lights.

EZ Disabler: Granting permission to the device manager allows you to disable redundant system applications.

Air conditioning dog: The principle is the same as above. It is more convenient to thaw, mainly to deal with several cancers that must be installed.

Wakelock Detector Lite: Judges need not lose the standard for air-conditioned dogs, is the number of wake-ups seen here. For the first time, you need to turn on USB debugging and grant BATTERY_STATS permission in ADB.

Green Guardian: There is no point in hibernation of 4G memory. I only used Aggressive Doze and Doze on go. For the first time, you need to turn on USB debugging, grant DUMP permissions in ADB, and finally select the drowsy mode in the green guardian on a fool. There is also a similar app called ForceDoze, which has more modifiable parameters.

Others: There are some applications that are worth recommending. The relationship between them is to build an application set in the base and welcome you to interact with each other.


Since Xiaolong 820 has never been used, it can only generate heat levels across generations compared with the old ones. Exynos 8890 's G930FD maximum temperature subjectively felt in actual use is similar to that of Xiaolong 801's MOTO X+1, which is better than Exynos 7420's S6Edge, Xiaolong 801's VIVO XSHOT, and Exynos4412 Meizu MX2. All of the above models have far-reaching heating control. It's better than opening the screen to slide and slide on the hot Dragon 810's Dafa Z3+. The reason for the difference in temperature may be more the difference between CPU placement and the thermal conductivity of the middle frame , but I don't care if it's just that I'm hot. It's your design mistake.

Fast charging and heating are problems that cannot be solved at present. They can only wait for QC3.0, and even the future QC4.0 will become popular. However, this also more intuitively reminds us that it is very bad habit to use mobile phones while charging . If you do not like fast charging and heating, you can choose to turn off the fast charge function without having to change the slow charging head. I think I'd like to buy a non-fast-charged wireless charging dock. If you are in a hurry, you need to use a fast charging cable. If you want to play for a while, you can use a wireless slow charge. You don't need to set a manual switch to fast charge. This may be a better experience. In short, using mobile phones while charging is not a good habit! It is not a good practice to use a mobile phone while charging! It is not a good practice to use a mobile phone while charging!


Fast charge for about 40 minutes to 70%, about 1.5 hours full (filling time is similar to my previous on a small battery non-fast charge phone).

It is usually convenient to use mobile phones. 4G, data synchronization, and GPS are always on. Only some of the tumors outside the Tencent Department have been frozen, Aggressive Doze has been opened, and Always On Display has become unclear. The 3000mAh power is enough for heavy use in one day: off screen consumes 2~5% of power per hour, bright screen takes 4~5 hours, and total life is 9~12 hours.

The standby power consumption of the S7 function mode is about 2~3% per hour. If the power mode is activated when the remaining power is 20%, it is not a problem to insist on six or seven hours if the phone porridge is not used. There is a small bug. After switching back from the function mode to the normal mode, the status of the positioning and normal power saving modes will not be restored and they need to be manually opened.

At night, in the background, the flight mode is on standby, and power consumption is about 1 to 2% in about 8 hours.

Voice calls


There are very few mobile phones with low call volume. S7 call volume is quite satisfactory, although not as good as the BlackBerry, but it is not unclear in a noisy environment. If you really feel that the voice of the call is not loud enough, you can click the button to increase the volume, subjectively it is probably from 100 to 120. If you can't, you can only open the speakerphone. If you still can't, you must be too noisy. Even if you can hear each other clearly, people won't necessarily hear you.


S7's hardware and systems all support VoLTE, and sisters don’t support Unicom.


I do not know the problem is that I here is the G930FD hardware problem, and recently suddenly found that the quality of GSM signal is far worse than 3G network. A total of three network modes are available for the system. We usually do not use only 2G at ordinary times, and we do not necessarily find this problem.

However, this problem is very obvious in remote areas where there is no 3G signal, or when dual card users separate the Internet from the call. Give a chestnut: At present my dual card distribution is the main card call debit card online. When the secondary card turns on 3G/4G for Internet access, since the G930FD does not support dual-card and 3G network registration at the same time, the primary card will automatically fall back to 2G only. Once inside, the signal strength of the main card will drop significantly, and even occasionally The phone is not in the service area when it is put on the bed.

Coexistence DIY

Before co-existence, first check out what everyone does, burn with a lighter, blow with a blower, and finally choose 1000- grit sandpaper :

Grind the plastic substrate (blue in the figure) on the back of the SIM card with sandpaper until a round glass adhesive (light pink in the figure) appears on the center chip. A slight grinding of the basement area around the frit can stop it, because it is very easy to carelessly cut off the metal plate and the flying line between it (the orange-red Bond Wire in the picture).

The plastic base of the contact surface of the SIM card is slightly thinned with a knife and only needs to be thinned against the two sides of the card tray contact.

The compression space of the TF card is mainly on the non-contact surface. The non-contact surface is polished until the integrated circuit device is visible, but the device is not exposed. Depending on the degree of tightness of the final double card insertion into the body, the contact surface may not be polished, or it may be lightly polished to a point where the circuit is visible but not exposed.

If the previous two steps have been as thin as possible, then place the SIM card and TF card in the corresponding position on the card tray and push it into the mobile phone. Grinding method retains the plastic frame around the SIM card, which can be put in the Cato stable, so it is not necessary to use glue, if you have to use glue is said to be relatively thin 3M.

The results (does not use glue, deliberately so put it) -

Media entertainment


5.1-inch 2k screen, pixel density 577ppi, in fact, even if the P row, 1080P display accuracy is enough. I heard that the low pixel density of Note 7 supports lower resolution to save power, S7 seeks decentralization! ! !

The current top AMOLED performance has not lost the top LCD. The S7/S7E comes with four color correction modes, which are AMOLED cinema, adaptive, AMOLED photos, and basics, respectively, from poor to good. After a number of media tests, the color deviation and gray-scale deviation data in the S7/S7E basic correction mode are significantly better than the iPhone 6S. However, the factory default color correction mode is actually the second poorest adaptation! !

The screen's own extreme brightness level and screen reflectance index are also very good, outdoor visibility than the BlackBerry Bold.

Sound quality

I may be using too much of the slag cell phone. I think the sound quality of the S7 is good: the background noise is very small and the background is clean, but the dynamics and thrust are not enough. To buy a low-end audience, listen to the ballots should be quite comfortable. The system's own SoundAlive sound quality has little loss of sound quality. In particular, it is worth mentioning that there is an Adapt Sound, intended to compensate for hearing asymmetry of the ears and to compensate for the frequency response curve of the headphones, even with the added effect of improving the thrust to some extent.

In contrast, the speaker may be waterproof and dustproof, and neither the volume nor the clarity is ideal. And the location is very difficult to be blocked by fingers when playing games or watching videos on a horizontal screen.


In order to compare the picture quality, the bottom of the box found two 09-10 years of card machine - Panasonic's last generation of CCD card machine lx5, and Sony's first generation of back-illuminated CMOS card machine wx1. The main comparison is based on the JPEG quality under good outdoor lighting conditions. I personally use the mobile phone to take the most pictures:













In fact, the quality of the three devices is generally at the same level. It is almost impossible to distinguish the difference between Zhang Aunt's compressions, but Xiao Bian does not let the chain download the original image.

Comparing the original picture on the computer itself, the three devices still have subtle differences -

S7 may be limited by the lens size, the resolution and the two cameras have a slight gap, and its excessive sharpening out of JPEG enlarges the original slight gap, wx1 has the problem of loss of highlight details, the picture details of both are Slightly behind lx5; In addition, lx5 straight out tolerance to win the slightest advantage can be distinguished with the naked eye, the coating has an absolute advantage.

Summarize the characteristics of the S7 camera:

Hybrid focus speed has obvious advantages.

The color accuracy of the screen, the outdoor brightness overturned the other two card cameras, the use of the sun is so comfortable

Excessive sharpening is very, very serious. This may be particularly optimized for Samsung's 5-inch screen size display on a mobile phone. Because on a 14-inch computer, full-screen viewing, compared to two cameras, the S7's excessively sharpened photo details are completely unremarkable.

The automatic HDR is much more violent than the sensor's native tolerance, and the synthetic quick experience is good. And it looks like even shooting scenes can be real-time HDR?


The biggest compatibility problem with Samsung's Exynos 8890 is that baseband does not support telecom networks, and beyond that, it is not compatible with incompatibility issues. In fact S7 Samsung version can unlock BL, Brush is easier than Qualcomm version.

More incompatibility is software. There are always a few apps that haven't been updated for thousands of years. 6.0 has been released for a year now. Don't you support it? When we encounter this kind of software, we just vote for it with our feet...

Samsung's scalability has always been the strongest in Android (so much so that I disabled a lot of unused reserved interfaces with EZ Disabler):

Comprehensive support for the ecology of home appliances is a must: TV, lights, Bluetooth speakers, Gear VR, Gear Watch...

In addition, health devices support Bluetooth and ANT+ protocols;

SmartLink looks like the Miracast protocol, it can be projected to the Android TV in the LAN, but only with the system's own video, music, gallery App;

Support full USB OTG, including mouse, U disk, infrared transmitter (Made S7 actually castrated infrared) and so on, and even support MIDI to USB.



The S7's dust and water resistance is IP68 rated. In real life, there are not many chances that mobile phones will be splashed with water. In all likelihood, it is caused by handcuffs. Whereas dust is present anytime, anywhere, the meaning of dust-proofing is much more practical than waterproof.

However... after more than one month, I actually found a dust inside the screen! ! ! a dust

Hey Hey ~ Star Star Your home IP68 is only sold before it?

Resistance to cao

Double-sided glass does have a relatively high facial value, but it is resistant to cao. . .

S7's front and rear glass is softer than other brands of mobile phones. Wearing a set of non-film for one month, the front panel has sixty-seven side of the light source is very obvious scratches. The home button is especially soft. begging! Push! recommend! paste! membrane!

In addition, the earpieces are completely incapable of being remembered.

I didn't verify the problem of dropping the ground. Everyone went to YouTube to flip the video.

Remind you of the value of friends, buy a country line, then Jingdong ¥ 159 broken screen insurance must be selected, the second year or non-State line, you can buy Alipay's ¥ 55 broken screen insurance. (China Life Insurance will pay me the advertising fee!!)

Sadly... Both of these risks are not back glass.

phone case

Most of the time when using a mobile phone was streaking ... but in view of the S7 glass is too intolerant to the problem, the first time to buy a mobile phone shell.

The biggest selling point of this shell is to feel slightly, the back of the body generally retains the curvature of the fuselage, the fit is only slightly decreased. The edging is slightly higher than the 2.5D edge of the front panel, but it is flat with the screen as a whole. Both the buttons and the jacks have openings, and there are no dust plugs that can affect the dust and water resistance. Of course, there is also a common problem with ultra-thin shells, and the anti-dropping performance is infinitely close to zero.

This phone is like a porcelain doll. If you often slippery hands, Spigen has an Ultra Hybrid mobile phone case, taking into account the beautiful feel of anti-fall performance, reputation has always been good, this brand of other low-end products also have a certain degree of drop resistance, interested can search for their own.

More than a month's experience has been written here. If you have to say what you want to say in the end, it is - ask for a good S7 film.

(Although this article was published in Zhang Aunt, but did not grant permission to Zhang Aunt, all other channels must be reprinted to contact my e-mail authorization.)

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