Samsung 51-inch plasma TV interface Detailed [Photos]

April 14, 2021

The Samsung 51-inch plasma TV is one of several plasma TVs still on the market. Apart from providing users with high-definition dynamic images and a wide viewing angle, what kind of services can be provided to users? This will take a look at the interface of the Samsung 51-inch plasma TV. The following Xiao Bian will take everyone to see what Samsung 51-inch plasma TV interface, respectively, can be used to do what.

1, USB interface

Samsung's 51-inch plasma TV's USB interface can generally be used to connect a mobile hard disk, or insert a wireless network card.

2, HDMI interface

HDMI interface is a high-definition output interface. At present, many notebook computers, players and other high-definition devices come standard with this interface. Users can easily connect laptops with the interface of Samsung's 51-inch plasma TV and send the screen on the laptop to the TV. Enjoy the fun of the big screen. Friends who like Internet set-top boxes can also use their connection boxes.

3, component interface

DVD players generally support AV interfaces and component interfaces, so you can use the component interfaces of Samsung's 51-inch plasma TVs to connect to DVDs, and you can also use it to connect some of the network set-top boxes that have component interfaces, such as the Haimeidi H7.

4, analog audio interface

You can input audio signals from computers, video recorders, etc. and play them through your own speakers. You can also connect the amplifier and external speakers through the audio output interface.

5, VGA interface

Desktops are generally equipped with VGA interfaces, TV is no exception, VGA, also known as D-Sub interface, a total of 15 needles, divided into three rows, each row 5, trapezoidal distribution. Most of the early computer and television connections use VGA. Until now, some laptops are still not equipped with HDMI interfaces, and the connection to the TV still requires a VGA interface for connection.

6, AV terminal

The AV interface, also known as (RCARCA), can be regarded as an improved interface for TV, divided into three lines, namely red and white lines, which form the left and right channels, and a video interface (yellow). Since the AV output is still a video signal that mixes luminance and chrominance, it is still necessary for the display device to perform luminance and color separation, and decoding is required for imaging. This approach will inevitably cause loss of picture quality, so the AV interface's picture quality is still not satisfactory.

The connection is very simple. Simply connect the AV cable of 3 colors to the interface of the 3 colors on the TV.

7, RF input interface

This interface can connect to cable television lines to receive TV programs provided by local cable TV operators. This interface is also the earliest playback device, and the connection method used by "recording (playing) cameras".

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