Rose Gold --- different experience, cool open 43K2 unpacking experience

May 02, 2021

Cool open TV I was the first contact, very happy this time can test this cool open 43K2 TV, thanks to cool open to give me a try out this new product, I have, in fact, when the cool open just came out, it has been concerned Cool to open the TV, is very familiar with Cool Open, but the TV did not come into contact with, if not originally bought a certain brand of TV, I am sure will buy Cool TV, because Cool TV really do a good job; A bit nonsense, not much to say, first to share with everyone about this cool open new TV 43K2 TV out of the box experience it!
First, TV K2 packaging:
Buy TV, the most important thing is the packaging, if the packaging is not strong, the express process will be treated as a great deal of damage, cool open new 43K2 outside the packaging, and did not do wooden frame construction, this will easily become a TV screen Damage, but, fortunately, I received no problem with the K2 TV;
First look at the packaging, cool open K2 packaging is still very strong, the front of the packaging is also printed with a cool open logo, the logo below there are four words "play attitude", the upper right corner is also affixed with the 43K2 type of logo Four sides are made of orange borders; this border I think is also the size of the edge of the TV!

Second, TV K2 out of the box
Open the package, you can see the white foam, foam above there are two TV stands, a manual, a warranty card, and a remote control and two remote batteries; the thickness of the carton is very important, inside The bubble is equally important. The foam in Kukai K2 is very thick, and the shape is very good. However, the things on the foam are messy and do not reflect the effect of a neat detail. I hope there is a need for this. Improve it;

Third, television K2 family portrait
Really, I don’t expect to see a family portrait on this accessory. I’m a bit surprised. If it’s me, I’ll take into account the user’s needs even more. For example, give away a screwdriver. When installing, you don’t need to find a screwdriver at home. , There is also a remote controller and instructions. If it can be packed in a box, will it look more neat? The two brackets of the TV were packaged separately in two colors. This was very good, but I still didn't know where the color was. When I saw the manual, I realized that the original was sent in this way. I think the bags do. In two colors, the meaning is not great; it is better to be on the packaging bag, L and R, or left and right;
Fourth, install TV K2 bracket and ventilation fan heat
I have seen these two brackets very much, because I like this color, but when I touch this bracket is not a metal, a discount, a bracket can not be made of metal, feel not so good, Although it was not touched, but this can be seen, the value of this TV lies; there is a non-slip mat at the bottom of the bracket, which is commendable;
Cool fan of K2 TV is still doing well, many places have done holes, fan heat effect is still very good; with K2 material is the use of plastic, heat will not be more obvious than the metal, this fever Question, there will be follow-up will be a detailed introduction;

Fifth, behind the function
Cool open K2 back function input and output: The following picture can be seen, HDMI has two sockets, USB2.0 has two, network cable socket one, the other is not introduced, let me talk about USB2.0 two interfaces , I think it should be with USB3.0 interface, input and output will not accelerate it ~ of course need to consider the cost of it! Both of the HDMI interfaces are below, and I think it would be better to set one on the right side, the side is always better than the bottom, and the insertion is also convenient;

Six, cool open K2 display effect
Introduced so much, look again, cool open TV K2 display effect, 43-inch TV, not suitable for the hall, I feel that fit in the room, the room is not very large, can watch TV On the line, the room is relatively small, not too big, and the 43-inch room is the most suitable, I think, this TV starting point is designed for the room;
Seven, product details
Power button: In the big picture, we are completely unable to see the power button, only the details can be seen more clearly, the following two pictures can be seen, printed on the edge of the power supply logo, the bottom is remote control to receive The local, that is, the remote control of this TV is an infrared remote control; this power supply has been changed from the previous generation of K series products, and looks more beautiful!

Cool open K2 logo in the lower right corner, the big picture is not very obvious, you need to use a magnifying glass to look Caikai, cool open K2 logo is also made of the mainstream rose gold, looks very beautiful, big!

Power cord: The power cord on the K2 KTV is detachable. This is not a good idea. I wonder if other products are detachable. However, compared with my current TV at home, it is detachable. , So, the power cord can be removed, this I like, although not a big feature, but such small details will be more intimate users!

Vents: Do you think this cool open K2 cooling area does a good job, the back of the TV has a lot of holes, the cooling effect is certainly very good, of course, the light is no use, need to test to know, then Please look forward to the in-depth testing of the next issue!

Thickness: Cool open K2 this new TV, the first feeling you are not very like, because after all, the television on the market are based on ultra-wave, and this K2 new product is still doing so well, then, I have thought Think, thick also has its use, thick, its cooling effect is very good, this K2 TV's material is the use of plastic, plastic heat will be better than metal, heat is not so obvious, but it does not seem so high!

Eight, summary
Cool K2 TV, initially gave me the feeling that thick, not high-end, thick, thick TV body, how do I feel back to the previous year, and now if the TV is very thick, few people will buy I'm one of them. I'm putting aside systems and performance. First of all, I don't like the appearance. The brackets and the TV frame are all non-metallic, so that the buyer's first feeling is that they are not high-end. In short, this product Only suitable for watching in the bedroom; hall, there is still recommended this product; of course, different practices, different materials also have his characteristics, such as: body thickness, material use of plastic, but his cooling effect is indeed the most Well, this is what I feel, of course, need to test to know that the appearance of this part, I have introduced here, and I look forward to the next phase of in-depth evaluation it!

Indoor Rental LED Display Features:

1. LED indoor rental screen is moving towards small spacing and high definition, and small LED display can show more content;

2. Air insertion and quick lock structure are adopted between screens, which are easy to disassemble and assemble, can be maintained in front and back, and can be transported by air box, fast and safe.          

3. The module can be maintained before and after, and the single module can be disassembled for maintenance. When packing, there are positioning posts and strong magnets. There is no seam between modules.          

 4. The cabinet body is of die-casting aluminum structure, with elegant and beautiful appearance, light and thin weight and hard strength.        

  5. According to the requirements of the site, the angle can be adjusted inside and outside, inside and outside plus or minus 15 °, splicing into different shapes.        

6. All aluminum structure, good heat dissipation, no fan, no noise.        

7. The brightness can be adjusted. According to the indoor brightness, adjust the best light effect. 

indooe mobile screen

Indoor Mobile LED Display description: compared with the traditional dance scenery and lighting, the display is single and the vision is tired. It is difficult to bring the visual expectation and the enjoyment of the visual beauty to the audience. LED display is very easy to solve these problems. Shocking visual effect, active performance atmosphere, show more video content. The acquisition of these information is far greater than the effect of traditional dance scenery and lighting.     The indoor mobile rental screen has developed from the original big spacing pixels p7.62, P6 and P4 to the small spacing pixels p2.976, p3.91 and p4.81. The cabinet size has also developed from the original model to the easy to distinguish and install models of 500m * 500mm and 500mm * 1000mm.


  Application scenarios: performance rental, stage performance, shopping mall, hotel, wedding, commercial performance, etc.          

 Structure: the box body is made of die-casting aluminum, with internal soft and hard links, external super five types of network cable and aviation plug links, and each box body is equipped with a quick lock.          

Precautions: the screen body is often disassembled, and the edges and corners of the screen body are easy to bump. In the process of transportation, disassembly and installation, pay attention to handle with care. In the purchase process, let the manufacturer more with mask, bottom shell and the same batch of LED lights.

Indoor Rental LED Screen

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