Pansen Company: Play "Monkey Elephant" with well-known LED companies

February 14, 2020

Wu Kehua, Chairman of Guangzhou Pansen Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., talks about the world's booming LED industry, cuts into the SMT mid-range equipment market in a new way, and prepares to play a "monkey elephant" with world-renowned companies such as Siemens and Fujitsu of Germany. game.

In 2011, Pansen Machinery was involved in the research and development of LED chip equipment. In the same year, it invested five or six million yuan, and by 2012 it has invested nearly ten million yuan.

Fighting price
In March 2012, Panson's LED placement machine completed the first edition; in July, the second edition was released. After the second edition was basically finalized, Pansen began small-scale production. At the end of last year, I began to process the remote control for Sichuan Changhong. The customer feels good, so he began to process the backlight patch of Changhong TV.

On August 1, 2012, the "LED placement machine automatic control method" won the national invention patent.

In September 2012, Pansen Company began to participate in the drafting of the "Guangdong Province LED Mounter Technology" standard; then strive to become the drafting unit of the national standard.

At present, the company has introduced advanced production equipment and facilities such as placement machines, reflow soldering machines, wave soldering, plug-in lines, tinning lines, test lines and assembly.

Wu Kehua said that the function of the LED placement machine has been comprehensively improved within three years, and the price-performance ratio has become the national leader. After spending another two years, further fine and optimized, we must reach the international level in the field of SMT equipment, and then use the cost performance to compete with imported equipment, mainly to seize the developing country market. He said that Germany's Siemens, Japan's Fuji's equipment is currently the world's top, they occupy the high-end market, Pansen's equipment is dominated by the mass market. More than 95% of domestic LED companies are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy used equipment. These equipments are imported and eliminated from large companies. The advantage is that they are cheaper and available for purchase. However, the disadvantage is that the service life has reached the edge and it will not be used for one or two years.

The price of the 3 lines of Pansen equipment is more than 1 million yuan, which is more expensive than second-hand, but only 1/3 of the imported, and it is brand new. The key components are imported. It is basically no problem after 10 to 20 years. In the future, it can be upgraded continuously, which means that the customer has bought another new machine, and the price only adds to the software part.

Service innovation
There are two major difficulties for customers to purchase valuable equipment: first, funds, and second, after-sales service. Panson has innovated these two services.

Customers can pull the device back and use it as long as 30% of the purchase price is prepared. Pansen has contacted the bank and equipment leasing company. The customer can give the remaining equipment to the leasing company in three years, so there is no financial pressure.

After-sales service is involved in advance. The Pansion Mounter has a network cable interface for remote intelligent monitoring. The devices are modular, and which module has a problem, the display will automatically alarm. The staff removed the module and Pansen installed the good module. After the problem module is repaired, go to the customer. This has little impact on the customer's production.

The equipment is divided into mechanical, pneumatic, electrical, software and other major parts, as well as production management. Pansen Company trains its employees for the first time. The first electronic class started in March this year. After thorough training, they are familiar with each stage. At the same time as the customer purchases the equipment, as soon as the commissioning is done, a person trained by Pansen will be delivered to the customer's company with the equipment. Once the equipment is ready, it can be put into use and routinely maintained, and help train the staff. Once the imported machine fails, in addition to the travel expenses, it has to be repaired by foreign engineering and technical personnel according to the amount of dollars per hour. The cost is very high.

JMC Global Market and Germany TU Company have all certified Pansen Company and awarded “China Quality Manufacturing” qualification. China Credit Rating Company evaluated the technology value of 20 million yuan.

In July 2012, the Science and Technology SMEs Technology Innovation Fund Management Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology awarded the certificate of “Science and Technology SMEs Technology Innovation Fund Project” to Pansen Company, and its “High Precision Electric Vehicle Motor Spindle” became an innovation fund support project. The state rewards 700,000 yuan.

Last year, Pansen Company obtained the qualification of the district-level technology research and development center, and declared it at the municipal level this year, and also applied for provincial high-tech enterprises.

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