Nearly 8,000 counterfeit Op light tubes were seized worth nearly 180,000

November 25, 2020

The reporter learned from the Nanhu District Market Supervision Bureau yesterday that the bureau seized a case of a large counterfeit commodity with a case value of more than 170,000 yuan. The counterfeit goods were "OPPLE" bulbs.

At the end of March, the Nanhu District Market Supervision Bureau found on the 5th floor of Building 3, Hengsheng Enterprise, Chuangye Road, Nanhu Creative Park, Nanhu District, Jiaxing City. The three rooms were filled with various brands of bulbs, of which 7980 “OPPLE” The tube is rough, the package is simple, and the outer box does not have any markings. In order to be prudent, law enforcement officers will temporarily detain the above lamps according to law. Half a month later, law enforcement officers drove to Shanghai and submitted samples to Op Lighting Co., Ltd. for identification.

It has been identified that the above 4,920 "OPPLE" lamps (YDW36-H.RR) and 3060 "OPPLE" lamps (YDW36-H.RR) are products that infringe the exclusive right to use the "OPPLE" registered trademark. According to the product price certificate provided by Op Lighting Co., Ltd., the amount involved in the above-mentioned infringing lamp is as high as 176,760 yuan. According to the relevant laws and regulations: sales knowingly are counterfeit registered trademarks, and the value of the goods is above 150,000 yuan to meet the prosecution standard. At present, the case was handed over to the Nanhu District Bureau of the Municipal Public Security Bureau for handling the case.

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