Micro-transformer becomes the new favorite

August 04, 2020

Micro-transformer becomes the new favorite

Miniaturization is a major trend in modern industrial products. The volume and weight of various electronic devices and information devices are continuously shrinking. The field of electrical equipment is no exception in this environment. Transformers are taking the road of miniaturization.

Traditional electronic transformers are large in size and heavy in weight. Today, household appliances and electronic equipment continue to develop. The demand for low-voltage electronic transformers in the market is increasing day by day. How the transformer market pushes transformers to become lighter, thinner, and smaller. The important thing is that with the changes in the performance of the complete machine, electronic transformer products will be driven to the development of new types of transformers with high frequency, low loss, surface mount, new materials, and new structures.

Micro-transformers use the principle of electromagnetic induction to transfer electrical energy between two circuits, consisting of a core and windings. Compared with conventional transformers, the core size is greatly reduced, and the ratio of sectional area to height is greater. The windings of the microtransformer consist of folded copper foil, printed copper traces on the printed circuit board, or copper lines deposited directly on the magnetic film. Micro-transformers have the advantages of high power density, high efficiency, low leakage inductance, good heat dissipation, and low cost.

High-frequency, low-loss, small-size, and low-cost power transformers are the best-selling products on the market today. With the trend of ultra-large-scale circuit and system integration, miniaturization of components, and high-density PCB surface mounting, the market continues to heat up the demand for miniaturization of electronic transformers. With the continuous application of new materials and new processes, domestic transformer manufacturers continue to develop and develop transformers in various structural forms to meet the needs of different market applications.

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