LED lighting has undergone three eras of change from "illumination" to "photo"

October 24, 2020

In terms of products, for the traditional lighting source and luminaire to achieve the replacement of the lighting function, the product application form is to replace the shape and photoelectric parameters of the traditional light source and the luminaire as the main way. The market is the traditional demand to drive the price-performance improvement of LED lighting products.

Looking forward to the development of semiconductor lighting, it will go through three eras: the 1.0 era from 2000 to 2015 (E), the 2.0 era from 2016 to 2020, and the 3.0 era from 2021 onwards. These three eras have their own characteristics.

In the 1.0 era, from the technical point of view, the lamp body material is gradually transitioned from profiles, die-casting guides, thermoplastics, ceramics, ordinary plastics and aluminum parts. The overall lighting effect tends to 100lm/W, and the driving methods are different, RC, non-isolated, isolated. , linear constant current and other manifestations, technical standards are in the early stages of formation. In terms of products, for the traditional lighting source and luminaire to achieve the replacement of the lighting function, the product application form is to replace the shape and photoelectric parameters of the traditional light source and the luminaire as the main way. The market is the traditional demand to drive the price-performance improvement of LED lighting products.

In the 2.0 era, the lamp body material is concentrated in the form of heat sink + ordinary plastic, and the whole lighting effect tends to be 200lm/W; the dimming function light source and lamp which are compatible with the traditional TRIAC, DALI and other dimming systems are gradually popularized, with Zigbee and Yeelight The wireless intelligent control technology represented by etc. will lead the technology trend. Light bulbs such as LED bulbs, LED spotlights, and LED tubes have been gradually reduced. Lighting integrated lighting products based on LED characteristics have gradually become mainstream, and dimming and intelligent control products have become popular. Lighting applications have also evolved from the current “illuminated” demand to “as good” demand.

In the 3.0 era, the standards related to light sources and lamps gradually became the norm for market access. The overall lighting efficiency tends to be 300 lm/W, active signal transmission and feedback reception, passive signal reception and recognition functions, and intelligent control transitions from one-way communication to lighting system ( Including the control system) and the subject to achieve two-way interactive communication, integrating more functions than lighting, such as: combined with network information collection and big data processing technology, can get the lighting personalized needs, such as lighting color and brightness preferences, open Light habits and so on. In addition, other network controls can be implemented to implement lighting presets, timely start of night lights, and anti-theft lighting. Standardization of light sources and lamps, LED lighting and construction gradually merged into a part of the building. New technologies and new products guide market demand.

At present, the concept of intelligent lighting is very popular, and there are many discussions about who will lead the future development of "smart lighting" in the future. Faced with this problem, let's briefly review the development of mobile communication products-mobile phones, the era of analog communication, Motorola's smash hit; the era of digital communication, Nokia has sprung up; in the era of mobile Internet, Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi and so on. Among them, Nokia was originally made of paper, Apple is a computer, and Xiaomi is brand new. Therefore, the company that leads the industry in the future has little to do with what it used to do. The key is what it is doing now? The result of this work What is the impact on the future? Intelligent lighting is only a function of lighting. It is a basic function that must be possessed in order to meet the needs of the photos. At the same time, the integration of lighting products into other functions is also the trend of the times. Consumer choice is the decisive factor for future development.

In addition, at present, the Internet is in full swing. The advancement of semiconductor and Internet technology has brought about a simple revolution for the lighting industry, but a revolution. The lighting industry has undergone two revolutions. The first time was the incandescent lamp invented by Edison in 1879 to lead humans into the era of electrical lighting. GE and Osram also became the leading brands of lighting; the second was represented by fluorescent lamps that came out in 1938. Gas discharge lamps, leading humans into the era of energy-saving lighting, this period made Philips.

The third time will be LED-led intelligent lighting technology revolution. During this period, product features and application methods will undergo fundamental changes, and brands that represent the characteristics of LED lighting will be achieved. The first is product features, lighting products will be converted from the original single hardware platform to the hardware + software system structure, so similar to computers and operating systems, the lighting industry will also appear application software platform and compatible hardware platform, around the LED Features The form of the fixture used in the design will be subversive. The second is the application method. The future lighting fixtures are just a form of home terminal, which integrates lighting, security monitoring, data transmission and other functions.

Therefore, around the product and application methods will form an industrial chain, and will gradually differentiate into: lighting brand enterprises, lighting engineering companies, professional manufacturing companies, professional materials supporting companies, professional lighting e-commerce + logistics companies. The existing lighting enterprises will realize transformation and positioning according to their own characteristics of adapting to the development of the industry. The survival of the fittest, part of being eliminated, part of growth and growth, the future pattern lies in market selection. For LED enterprises, their own precision in this industry chain. Positioning is a top priority.

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