Just to unlock a little bit more - Thyssen MB-D12 Handle + EN-EL18A Battery Kit

October 23, 2021

The camera handle, in addition to the impression of force, but also know that heaviness. I also know that there are many other uses but I don't know what the purpose is and I haven't touched it. After all, there is no right to speak without investigation. This year's event shot sharply, shooting, normal preview, RAW + FINE barely 500 early. A spare three batteries to think about the more afraid of bite bite, simply re-entered the handle, vertical portrait is also slightly easier to handle some, anyway, not entangled.

Has been used once out of the box, the packaging is like this, very environmental protection, almost even the characters are not environmental protection. The instruction manual is also in English. If you do not know it, you really don't think it is reliable, but you have already used the battery of his home before.

Take a look and see a cheap, big bowl of batteries.

First look at this big battery! The accessories belong to the category that is better than nothing, the charger is 800 milliamperes, and if the car charger is put on the outside, it will be one or three no products. (Scribe point, this is not the focus haha.)

But really speaking, Thyssen's EN-EL18A battery is very interesting:

1, semi-decoding (that is, the power can only be viewed through the battery icon of the small screen, the menu is unable to view the information).

When using a normal battery, our camera is like this:

â–² Each item will be displayed in turn in the menu.

But when using the Thyssen EN-EL18A this is what it looks like:

â–² No information is displayed in the menu.

â–² LCD screen shows the number of cells.

In short, three words: no effect. Of course if you are obsessive-compulsive disorder when I didn't say it.

2, the shape, the original factory if you use the EL18a battery (25mha 27Wh), need to use the battery cover BL-5 together with the use of dellsend this EL18A battery directly combo charging port also do the top.

â–² normal fit posture.

â–² Thyssen is a direct hermaphrodite.

â–² There is a charging socket at the end, marked with parameters.

â–² with charge indicator after opening.

The idea is very clear, good!

3, electricity is a bit abnormal 3900mha 43.3Wh. Next time try how many RAW+FINE limit. Thousands of ease must be no problem, but the moment was a cool moment, the selection of film crematorium ah.

DUANG!!! equipped with 13 handles, oh no, vertical shooter debut

Did not use the original handle what feel in the end, this time on the use of a single, Decentral handle shutter button is a two-stage design, the paragraph is very obvious sense, two presses feel. The D810's original button is the half-press focus, but there is no second resistance when you focus on the shutter. Metaphysics does not know, anyway, will not misuse. As for the situation after a long time of use, it remains to be tested.

â–² The body comes with two battery compartments.

â–² can be installed on the 5th battery 8 section, EL15 battery section.

â–² 8 direction keys, may be the reason for the big hand, I press this direction key always felt a hard-fight to return to the center of focus.

â–² The handle shutter has a strong sense of passage, feels good, and the front and rear dials are sensitive.

â–² The skeleton of the battery compartment is metal. The strength should be no problem. The interior is flat. Look at the introduction that some of the domestic handle is 1:1 imitation of the original structure (Thyssen's) is also a micro-innovation (color, Meike, etc.), a slight change in the internal; the second can not use the Thyssen EL18A large battery Oh.

â–² simple nameplate information, after all, this kind of product does not have much technical threshold, material craft, electrical design is the key. Unfortunately, I do not understand these two points, but if you use the last year and a half, the feeling will not lie to you, if there is a chance to remix an original?

Do not look at advertising to see the effect, handle fit.

This is a weight of 3 pounds more. Normally it doesn't feel like it, but it's also a sour cool when an activity is held down!

â–² It was like this before. When you took it, you just put it on the ground. Right, at the bottom, the quick plate is usually not removed. lazy.

â–² Put on the handle, so high point, the bag must be put into it. Too high...

â–² Oh, it's time to shoot like this. There are two advantages to vertical photography on the use of feelings: 1. The composition of the vertical shot is faster; 2. The pressure on the components is more stable.

â–²The plastic rotary table does not know if aging will occur in the future and it cannot be removed. If the alloy is used, it will not worry. The handle and fuselage junctions are not tight, or there is a gap. After all, it is not possible to fit together so tightly.

He is sore and happy. However, you must be careful about occupational diseases. Of course, it is not Liu Liupiao; it is tenosynovitis.

The solution: 1, fast gunner strap, 2, tarantula waist, 3, rich assistant back.

The final final conclusion of a final bar. Do not blow black or not, there is a saying. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this handle?

1, is conducive to vertical shooting.

2, a large number of continuous shooting, or shooting at high speed, the handle can provide enough power.

(However, the high-speed continuous shooting is a bit tricky for the D810. After all, the cutting mode is improved to 7...)

3, non-professionals, can be used to install 13, upgrade B grid.

(You say why are non-professionals? Good question, because professional all-in-one machines have handles.)

4, mother no longer worry about your camera ass bare.


1, the volume, storage space is tight.

2, weight, long time holding can be considered wolf spider hanging. Of course, there are also domestic, 200 oceans get.

How to choose, depends on the superiority and inferiority who have the upper hand.

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