Japan develops high-precision OLED panel technology

October 08, 2020

Japan develops high-precision OLED panel technology

Athene, a Japanese semiconductor-related manufacturing technology developer, has developed a new technology that can produce high-definition OLED panels. The report pointed out that metal masks are used when OLED materials are deposited on glass substrates at high temperatures, and Athene has successfully developed a device that does not deform even when the temperature exceeds 100 degrees by using nickel and iron on the mask material. The improved version of the mask product can also increase the pixel density of the OLED panel to more than 500ppi, which is approximately 2 times the current level. Current mask products will expand and deform due to heat as long as the temperature exceeds 60 degrees.

According to the report, Athene plans to invest hundreds of millions of yen to build a production line in Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture, and plans to sell the mask products to OLED panel makers in 2015. The first annual revenue target is 100 million yen.

The current OLED panel market for mobile devices is dominated by Samsung Electronics. Its global market share of OLED panels for smartphones is as high as about 90%. However, in order to attack OLED panel business opportunities, Japanese manufacturers have also joined hands to fight against Samsung.

Sony, Panasonic, JDI and INCJ announced on July 31 that in order to speed up the research and development of OLED panels and mass production in the early stages, a new company “JOLED”, which is engaged in research and development/production of OLED panels, will be formed.

Nikkei News August 6 pointed out that JOLED will invest 20 billion yen in 2015 to build a trial production line of OLED panels, and will test production in the second half of 2015 and sample shipments in 2016. According to reports, the object of JOLED's planned trial production is 10-12 inch for tablet PCs and 13.3-inch mid-size OLED panel for notebook PCs. The monthly production capacity is about 4,000, and it is planned to be mass-produced in 2018 afterwards. The goal is to supply Apple and other tablet/laptop manufacturers.

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