Is it only a farce? Why users have to back for the broadcast

September 10, 2021

1 Han limit may be the result that will appear sooner or later Back to the top

[PConline Talk] All along, the "radio broadcast" on the Internet has almost been drowned in the commentary area. However, there are always exceptions. In recent months, the “Limitations to South Korea” has triggered fierce debates in China and South Korea. However, the policy of Radio and TV has not officially been publicized. Instead, the spokesperson of China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs denied publicly in previous days. The "Korean Restriction Order" was used to public opinion, and netizens were widely described as "radio and television broadcasting". This farce continues, but it has long been more than just a matter of entertainment...

On November 21, at a regular press conference at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a reporter asked questions about China’s “limit Korean orders” and whether it was related to the “Sad event”.

First of all, I have not heard of the so-called "Limited Korean Order."

Second, China has always maintained a positive attitude toward the cultural exchanges between China and South Korea. However, I believe we can understand that the cultural exchanges between the two countries need the basis of public opinion.

Third, China firmly opposes the US deployment of the "Sade" anti-missile system in South Korea. This position is also well known. The Chinese people also expressed dissatisfaction with this and believe that relevant parties should take note of this sentiment.

"Limited to South Korea" event netizens have expressed as back of the radio and TV back (Click to enlarge)

After carefully comprehending the comments, netizens said “Ok, we understand,” and a large wave of people willing to eat melons bravely stood up. Xiao Bian can not help but sigh that being able to perform the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs really requires a profound understanding of the art of speaking.

Limiting Korean orders may be a result that will occur sooner or later

Presumably we must see here. In fact, everyone should have almost the bottom. From "You from the Stars" to "The Sun's Descent," from "Where is Daddy" to "The Brothers Running," from Kim Soo-hyun to Song Seung Gi suddenly discovered that Korean variety shows, television shows, and stars have been directly or indirectly Occupy an increasingly important position in the domestic entertainment industry. Every year, there are so many South Korean and European Korean women who have walked in and out of the country. The sky-high fees and endorsement advertisements follow. Therefore, more and more Korean stars have come to China to “circle money”.

Jonathan Apologizes for "Circle Money" Event

It may have been recalled that Jang Na Rao had publicly expressed similar remarks on a Korean program that she had no money to come to China, and that she was only one thousandth or even one ten-thousandth of Han Xing who came to the country. The influence of Korean celebrities, variety shows, and TV dramas in the country must not be said by Xiao Bian. It must also be acknowledged that there are indeed many places in the Korean entertainment culture that are worth learning at home. But all this happened after the outbreak of the Sadd incident, Xiao Bian had clearly realized that the sensible person still had more than the brain powder...

The Sud incident has become the fuse of the "Han limit" public opinion

If we say that "Limit Korea" was originally a disgust of a small number of people, then the outbreak of Sadr's incident is no longer true. In order to prevent North Korea’s military operations, South Korea requires the United States to deploy the Saad system on its own country. Sade is the only ground-based system in the world that can intercept ballistic missiles inside and outside the atmosphere. Sade is not only a "shield," but he is also able to take in intelligence and monitor his opponents. Of course, the key is that if the “Sade” system enters the Korean peninsula, not only North Korea will be affected, but strategic and tactical missiles deployed in the Far East of China and Russia will also face the risk of devaluation.

For such acts that threaten the security of our country’s military territory, our country issued a statement within the first time—strong opposition. I do not know whether it was a coincidence or an intention to do so. When the Sadr incident was not yet easy to subside, the news of the “Limited Korean Order” had already begun to appear. However, it suddenly exploded in the Korean entertainment industry. Prior to the mad pass, the limit order was:

1. Korea's popular idol group prohibits activities in China;

2. Korean idols are not allowed to perform more than 10,000 performances;

3. New regulations Korean cultural companies prohibit investment;

4. Prohibition of related cooperation projects including prior production.

South Korea’s major entertainment companies’ share price suddenly plummeted

These are enough to make those performing stars who are very popular in China completely cut off the development path in the country. In fact, not only in China, South Korea's entertainment industry is at a relatively high level, but because of its geographical location and domestic huge market space, it has a serious dependence on the domestic market. The news of “Limiting Korea Order” revealed that the share prices of major entertainment companies, including South Korea’s largest entertainment media company CJ E&M, fell almost completely, and all parties sought confirmation of the news.

No love beans before the country

The South Korean entertainment industry has such a big disturbance. Instead, it has caused a crowd of people who eat melons to take a strong look and revisit the matter of limiting the Korean order. No intention to see this sentence, "There is no love beans before the country." Nowadays, South Korea's insistence on the implementation of the Sadd plan will threaten the territorial security of our own country. How do we spray people to maintain our love beans on the Internet? This time, there is always some sense. Coupled with the recent incidents of the South Korean naval guns sweeping Chinese fishing boats, it was even more provocative.

2 limit Korean order to upgrade to the top
Restricted Korean order upgrade

Seeing that the "Limited Korean Order" has become increasingly fierce in China and South Korea, the fact that Radio and Television has not issued a formal statement to confirm or clarify for a few months has caused the general public to respond positively to and agree with the "Limited Korean Order." More people are looking forward to the official announcement of the "Limited Korean Order."

South Korean artistes appear in mosaics on some variety shows

Seeing so many consumers' positive attitude towards the "Limited Korean Order," even if the radio and television don't announce the news, it has already exerted a great influence on Hanxing's domestic development. As early as August of this year, after the news of the “Limited Korean Order,” some of the Korean star stars in some variety shows were all shot in mosaics. In addition, many people questioned the fact that in the fourth quarter of “Where Did Daddy Go?”, Huang Zhilie’s sudden replacement with Zuo’s was also related to the paradox of “Limiting Korean Order”. Even a lot of movies and TV series that have already been shot or filmed are once put on hold or postponed.

Recently exposed Korean order upgrade

In the past three months, the remarks on the “Limited Korean Order” have not only been reduced but have been signs of continued escalation. Recently, some people on Weibo have been exposed to the upgrade of Korean orders, and even advertisements have restricted the appearance of Korean artists. If this is really the case, the performance of Korean entertainers in China has really come to an end...

VIVO X9 spokesperson Pengyu Yu

Do not know whether it was received by the "Korean limit" paradox, the domestic mobile phone maker OPPO has not announced its spokesperson after the release of the new R9S, because there was exposure before that South Korea's Jeon Ji Hyun will be the spokesman for R9S; coincidentally, VIVO's new machine After X9 was released, he did not continue to use the previous Song Zhongji as spokesperson and chose Peng Yuxi. Of course, all this is only speculation, and it is only our spectators’ speculations before the release of the true or false limit.

Perhaps many people will be surprised that the "Limited Korean Order" and even the SARFT have not officially announced all of them are only users of speculation, why these variety shows, advertisements are already like the default implementation, and even South Korea's entertainment company stock prices are also one after another Fell. There is a saying that Xiao Bian still agrees with -- capital. What is the boss's fear of doing business? risk. Of all risks, political risk is the most deadly. Nowadays, the relations between China and South Korea have become tense because of the “Sad event.” In this month’s farce of “limited Korean orders,” the country has generally stated that it stands in the national position and expresses its support for “limited Korean orders”. Under the circumstances, it is not really important to limit the Korean orders because the people have already developed a certain degree of resistance. At this time, it is undoubtedly a thankless task.

The implementation was in the aftertaste of the spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. "The Chinese side has always taken a positive attitude towards the cultural exchanges between China and South Korea. However, I believe we can understand that the cultural exchanges between the two countries need the basis of public opinion." The implication of this sentence is that the “Limiting Korean Order” is not conducive to Sino-Korea cultural exchanges, so SARFT may not implement the “Limiting Korean Order”. However, the people’s awareness is not something that can be controlled by national policies. Indirectly, it is said that in the hearts of the domestic people, the “Limiting Korean Order” actually exists. Again, this time, radio and television did not come out to clarify this time, and public opinion was enough to put pressure on South Korea.

At this point, there is no sound and noise, and that's probably it.

Korean King Variety Show "Running Man"

Finally, I would also like to say that Xiao Bian has repeatedly mentioned the link between the "Limited Korean Order" and the "Sade's Event" throughout the article, but may not be so implicated in itself. After all, you can still see some Korean artists' advertisements, programs, etc. on TV now. Then, aside from the political factors, there is always a gap between China and South Korea in terms of entertainment. In recent years, China has invested heavily in the copyright of Korean variety shows and dug out Korean filmmakers and directors. A large number of Korean artists have flocked to the Mainland. Popular programs are those with South Korean origins and television dramas. It's nice to say that they can learn from experience, but we don't seem to have learned a lot of valuable experience.

Domestically produced rotten movies do not exist because of Korean drama. Even if there are no Korean dramas, they are still in the eyes of the audience. The author even thinks that even if the “Limiting Korean Order” is actually implemented, it is actually not a barrier to the development of the domestic entertainment industry. On the contrary, there is an opportunity to recognize one’s own strength. Therefore, at this point, the author is willing to believe that the “limit Korean order” is true.

Summary: A lot of criticism was made. No one knows whether or not "restricted Korean orders" are true or false. However, at least for now, it is the state of public opinions that leads public opinion to follow. It may soon become a farce as the "Sade incident" calms down. The netizens have expressed their desire to back up the situation for the radio and television. Although it is a joke, at least it proves that "the brain powder is not as much as imagined" and "the country has no love beans before it."

Feeling Thai drama is going to fire...

PS; Suddenly thought, "Limited Korean Order" was actually implemented. It felt like Thai drama was going to fire... "This beautiful person must be a boy."

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