How companies solve the LED lighting industry design short board

February 07, 2020

How companies solve the LED lighting industry design short board As a lighting product can be recognized in the market price is an important factor. High reliability, low cost, and controllable limited-life semiconductor lighting products are key points, in other words, a certain quality, lower cost, and a sufficient lifetime. However, the low cost is a reduction in the cost under the premise of ensuring product quality. This will be achieved by optimizing product design and large-scale manufacturing.

The energy-saving lamps of two decades ago are considered to be "energy-saving and not saving money." The short life span and high price are the major obstacles to the large-scale promotion of energy-saving lamps at that time. Through these two decades of efforts, energy-saving lamps have made great progress in product design, raw material performance, and large-scale production, making it possible to promote energy-saving lamps.

Illumination combines the characteristics of science and art, and LED lighting will be an organic combination of semiconductor technology and lighting technology. At the same time, it will also make it possible for lighting design to achieve better light color changes. The realization of all these goals is inseparable from technological innovation and design innovation.

From the perspective of improving design capabilities, there are still many shortcomings in China's enterprises: If there is a lack of key talents who turn design ideas into productivity, a good design innovation and management system has not yet been formed. In addition, most LED companies have weak technical strength and lack of core technologies. In this case, "integrated technology + independent design" is a shortcut for semiconductor lighting companies to grow. Fully integrate domestic and foreign technologies, resources, and talents for my own use. Based on this, we will carry out innovations in technology and design to further enhance the company's core competitiveness.

In addition, the need for personalization in a huge application market to be fully developed highlights the importance of technological innovation. In order to design better LED lighting fixtures, meet the needs of users, and develop a broader market, semiconductor technology and industrial design and optical design for electronics, control, communication, and thermal analysis must be applied. These need to integrate hardware, software, content, services, and other elements to create a new business model. Concentrate on supporting national brands and integrating market resources.

LED lighting needs the strong support of the government. Based on the full optimization of the effective allocation of industrial and policy resources, it strengthens market access supervision and encourages the use of ethnically superior brands for independent innovation. Through national tenders, special subsidies for energy-saving national brands will be provided to support the production and sales of semiconductor lighting products. Promote the correct semiconductor lighting energy conservation knowledge, guide consumers' scientific understanding, promote the development of China's semiconductor lighting industry, and enhance China's semiconductor lighting industry in the future of international competition and international industrial division of labor advantages and values.

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