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June 13, 2021

The annual Seven (Abuse) Evening (Dog) Festival is approaching. I wonder if this year's vast audience of spectators has succeeded alone. At this point in time, the other half of the lords who have taken their orders to find their own happiness are estimated. Everyone is wondering how to get a female ticket to accompany the hotel to see the Tanabata movie, it is estimated that there is no effort to seriously look at the new articles and novelties of Xiaobian Hu Hao. Every year at this time, the diffuse smell in the sky is enough for us to drink a pot of this single dog. The odor is called a sour! Xiao Bian wishes to bless everyone in this festival. The merits and demerits of the Tanabata Festival will be completed. We will return to our FFF Order soon after our success. Oh! Oh! Oh, for the majority of spectators, like Xiaobian, who do not have a girlfriend. Every day we are alone in loneliness. We can only associate with our own right hand. We do not know when we can find our own dependence. It's better to be alone than to raise a virtual daughter in the VR world! It's better to be with us as partners and meet our own psychological needs. Although there isn't yet a girl-made game in the real sense on the market, the recent emergence of new games and new somatosensory devices has made Xiaobian think that VR is no longer a fantasist!

One of the important reasons why young girls develop games is that they can meet the psychological needs of various players.

Saying that girls can develop games, Xiao Bian can't help but have two more sentences. This kind of game also has a long history. Like “Girls DreamWorks” and even “Celebrity Volunteers” are all counted in this department. Masterpiece. Strictly speaking, girl-made games are also a branch of Galgame, but this type of game is now mixed but much better than Galgame. Why is this? This is closely related to the rise of the mobile game market in previous years. Xiao Bian will give the audience a look after the careful analysis. Then we return to today's theme. What will VR girl game be like?

The famous masterpiece "Beautiful Girl Dream Factory" series was the leader of the girls' development class.

Mobile PC-end large frequency now, to develop the game usher in the best time

There are already many girls VR games on the mobile or PC side that allow players to experience. I believe that this type of game can give the player some good experience compared to the VR game market. The authenticity of the VR game allows the player to watch the girl's facial expressions and movements at close range. The maiden's movements and expressions in VR are more realistic and more enjoyable to the player. Although many games on the market are based on experience. However, there are many VR game masterpieces developed in love that are going to go online. Summer Classroom and NEKOPARA Today we don't have much to say. Today we are talking about a mobile-based work, Alternative Girl VR.

The newly-listed “Alternative Girl” VR is a mobile VR game masterpiece

This is a mobile game for Android client. As long as you have a nice smart phone plus a mobile phone box, you can play. Although it is a game on the mobile phone side, the game is extremely rich in both content and content. Players can carry out everyday tasks for six different character female characters. At the same time, you can also choose the future direction of female characters. Change her combat attributes. Overall, if you compare the love of the mobile phone game, this game is nothing new, but after the game supports VR it is particularly interesting. The VR of Alternative Girl is very good both in Japan and in China. So why is the work of a teenage girl who actually has nothing special to support VR and become the current masterpiece? I think there is one important reason besides the fact that there are too few VR games on the market. Achievements of girls' theme works.

The modern somatosensory controller makes us see and see

Take a look at how this brushing game breaks through the lower limit

The presence of somatosensory controllers makes VR games no longer a visual pleasure. Tactile perception has also been greatly enhanced Leap Motion can simulate hand movements. Recently, the domestic storm VR also plugged in, and new somatosensory equipment appeared in the CJ. Can simulate the touch of the girl's skin controller. This item is made of silicone and can perfectly reproduce the skin's touch. Silicone This thing is believed that many old drivers know what to use! From this point of view, more and more VR manufacturers pay more attention to the touch.

Warm images and text will allow players to quickly understand what the storm is doing.

Not only domestic storms, foreign cashier VR gloves (Manus VR gloves) will soon be on sale. This glove controller can be used to operate games on both hands, making the game more realistic. At the same time, it allows players to come into contact with virtual game characters. Players can truly use their own hands for game operations. This kind of VR gloves is also a good opportunity for girls to develop games.

The appearance of somatosensory gloves allows players to fend for the old controller

In the near future, VR's advanced technology will allow players in the game to really experience what it feels like living with a virtual daughter. In the game, you can touch the virtual characters and interact with the avatars at home (for example, housework, entertainment, even sleeping, bathing). There is no difficulty in supporting these new items. Under the immersive experience of VR, the old gameplay has become different. At the same time, VR girls develop games that can also draw on the experience of mobile games in game play.

Does the successful experience of teenage game class games help VR games improve content?

Above, we said that with respect to Galgame's lofty habits, as a branch girl-building game, it thrived in this era. The reason is simply to say that a girl-developed game can adapt to the rhythm of the current game, that is, it can satisfy the player in a short period of time, intermittently, and repeatedly to repeat the same game. Teenage girls develop many types of mobile games.

Hot hand tour "miracle warm" is essentially a dressing game

Girl-made games can be said to be unusually popular in the mobile game market. Representatives include "Beautiful Girl DreamWorks Mobile" and "Wonderful Warm" series of works. The main reason why such games are accepted by players in today's market is to satisfy the players' different needs. The beautiful girl dream factory not only satisfies the psychological needs of the players to develop their daughters, but the game can also compete with other players to meet the players confrontation and show off their hearts.

The "Warm of Miracles" is also a sword-deflecting game. Every game player in the game needs players to match the theme of the game to the female character. At the same time, the game has added a confrontation system, in which the player matches the clothes under the specified theme, and the player with a high score wins. As for how to get better clothes, I'm sorry to ask you to spread the money! The game "miracle warm" once brushed my circle of friends, many female compatriots are drying their own clothes to show off.

These two models of beautiful girl games have two other common features. The first is that the game is relatively closed. You can play in isolation and not touch the outside world. You can also enjoy a lot of fun in stand-alone mode. The second one is not too high for the game time. If you want to play for half an hour, it will not affect the progress of the game. Simplicity and lightness are the pursuit of modern games. There was no change in the game in this era, but the people who played the game changed. Nowadays, adults rarely have the time to play games. In Xiao Bian's view, VR girls should also be able to make games simple and light so that they can pay for players who really have the ability to spend.

"Wonderful Warmth" joins the PK system, giving players a chance to confront each other

This kind of mobile game also satisfies the player's pursuit of beauty and budding needs while also satisfying the player's vanity. In comparison with friends and against victory, player pride can drive players to continue playing the game. The two hand-made games for teenage girls developed the game's interactivity in this way. Makes the comparatively closed beautiful girl theme game can also interact against the game to live up. This VR girl game should be a good reference.

Although the VR game gives the player a strong sense of immersion, the game's interactivity is close to zero. Many VR games have little interaction or zero interaction. This makes the VR game a “lonely game” where only the players themselves play, and there is no way to express or show off their game achievements. The VR girl game will still encounter this problem. Taking advantage of successful mobile games is a viable path. The easy-to-understand game mechanics lower the player's threshold while adding the player and the player's confrontation, allowing the player to indulge in the game. In this way, the player can repeat the game. After Xiaobian sees it, it is not impossible for VR girls to develop games on the Internet.

In short, the new devices and technologies that have matured to promote the development of girls-developed games are like VR pornography being the first to profit. Perhaps maiden VR works can best be accepted by players. With the support of the big environment, games that meet the characteristics of the times will certainly appear. In the future, we can really build a virtual daughter in a small space. At the same time, interaction between virtual characters can also be a relish of our tea language after a meal. Believe that in the future, in your circle of friends, a tanned fashion with a virtual daughter's fashion, sunning the achievements of the player's daughter in the virtual world will not be a new thing. The new era of teenage game-making will become even more different!


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