Hot big screen 4K TV recommended! Live quality does not lose VR

April 14, 2021

Some people say that VR is the highlight of this year's science and technology circle. This is true. From the beginning of the year to the present, we have seen various brands concentrating on promoting VR virtual display devices. Compared with traditional display devices, the biggest highlight of VR is the presence of the product, which can provide users with a stunning visual impact. However, at this stage, there are still many areas where VR needs to be improved at the technical end and the content end, so that on many VR devices, the user's viewing experience is not very good.

So in addition to VR, we also need to choose which display devices to meet their needs for high-definition video usage. Demand is currently a big screen 4K TV is a good choice. First of all, 4K ultra-high-definition display resolution can provide users with more detailed and clear display images, and the strong detail capture power is far better than traditional full-HD television. Secondly, the addition of a large screen can bring powerful visual impact to the user, allowing the user to feel like being in the audience while watching the movie.

Since we talked about the big-screen 4K TV, then in the next time, the sofa network http:// Xiao Bian for everyone to inventory several products of concern, interested friends can look at.

Recommended TV details:

No1: Big screen 4K TV recommendation: Konka TV E330U

No2: Big screen 4K TV recommendation: Sharp 55DS72A

No3: Big screen 4K TV recommendation: Samsung HU9800

No4: Big screen 4K TV recommendation: Philips PUF6652

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