Hong Kong version PSVR demo CD content announcement: contains 18 DEMO

July 11, 2021

SIE Hong Kong officially announced today the specific content of the Demo CD included with the Hong Kong version of PlayStation VR. Of course, in addition to the physical version, players can also purchase and download these games at the PSN store. The Hong Kong version of the PS VR includes 18 game demos in total, including Driving Club VR, PlayStation VR World, and Rez Infinity.

The following are the 18 game demos for Hong Kong version PS VR:

Ace Banana



Driving Club VR

Game Demo




Work Simulator

Mortal Blitz VR

O! My Genesis VR

PlayStation VR World

Rez Unlimited

RIGS: Mechanized Combat Alliance


Tumble VR

Wayward Sky


The Hong Kong version of the PS VR will be released globally on October 13 with a full set price of 3,980 Hong Kong dollars.

Article Source: moduovr

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