DIALOG launches new SMARTEXITE technology platform for smart lighting applications

August 02, 2020

smarteXite can be used to create digital dimming, wireless control, sensor trigger solutions, and achieve unprecedented speed to market, improve the quality and yield of LED bulbs

Beijing, China, November 13, 2013 – Dialog Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (Frankfurt stock code: DLG), a provider of highly integrated power management, audio, AC / DC, solid-state lighting and short-range wireless technology, today announced the launch of the smarteXiteTM platform Create a new generation of highly flexible and programmable LED driver ICs for smart lighting applications. Based on fully configurable logic, smarteXite is the first LED driver technology that can conveniently and directly support wireless connections, light sensor control, and can be easily integrated into lighting control systems.

The first device in the smarteXite series, iW6401, supports multiple dimming interfaces, including digital dimming through a simple mains switch, the new LedontronTM digital dimming protocol, and toggle-based dimming. All dimming curves can be configured through memory to obtain the best end-user lighting experience. iW6401's integrated Digital Loadline Transmission (DLT) receiver supports the Ledotron IEC 62756-1 dimming protocol, making it the world's first single-chip plug-and-play Ledotron solution .

By using a standard I2C digital interface, iW6401 can be used as a powerful front-end system for wireless communication modules such as Bluetooth low energy, Wi-Fi, or ZigBee. In addition, it can directly connect sensors for color and proximity sensing. When using such peripherals, a power management unit built into the iW6401 will provide stable power for it, thereby reducing the number and cost of components.

The iW6401 combines Dialog ’s strength in configurable power management solutions with cutting-edge digital signal processing technology. It is the world ’s first programmable AC / DC LED lamp driver IC, which allows engineers to complete and configure light bulbs through software. Design and optimize the bill of materials (BOM) to get rid of the time-consuming hardware design process. This greatly reduces the time to market of the product and allows smarteXite-based designs to support many different kinds of global configuration and lighting requirements.

Dialog Semiconductor Co., Ltd. Vice President of Corporate Development and Strategy and General Manager of Power Conversion Business Group Mark Tyndall said: "The manufacturing cost of solid-state lighting components has been reduced to a level that allows LED bulbs to be sold at retail stores for less than $ 10. The price point allows consumers to afford these products and replace their home lighting equipment with LED lights. According to market analysis agency McKinsey & Company, LED bulb shipments will grow at a CAGR of 57% between 2012 and 1016 The rate is growing rapidly, and shipments in 2016 will reach 2.6 billion pieces.

smarteXite supports digital calibration at the final stage of the production line, and the lamp manufacturer can reconfigure the illumination calibration settings such as brightness and color through the A / C mains terminal. This allows LEDs with lower tolerances to be used, thereby reducing LED waste. In addition, in the final production test stage, manufacturers can even adjust the LED current in the installed state, making the smarteXite platform an ideal choice for Zhaga compatible power supplies. Through configuration, iW6401 can use its on-chip temperature sensor and a configurable state temperature control state machine to manage the lamp temperature.

LEDs are ideal for a wide range of dimming applications. Unlike CFL and other discharge lamps, by applying digital control principles, the LED current can be set to near zero. With smarteXite, users can achieve a very wide range of dimming capabilities by using and configuring intelligent control algorithms. In addition, the smarteXite platform also provides a series of protection and monitoring functions that can be customized to meet specific hardware requirements.

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