Delip Optoelectronics fully deploys LED stroboscopic lighting driver market

February 08, 2020

The large number of applications of LED lighting technology make the health problems caused by the stroboscopic and stroboscopic effects of electric light source worthy of our attention. The use of stroboscopic LED lighting products brings us work and life to a certain extent. The hazard. When applying electric light source, we scientifically understand the harmful effects of stroboscopic and stroboscopic effects of LED lighting products. It has important practical guiding significance for the scientific application of LED energy-saving lamps to construct a bright, clear and comfortable lighting environment.

In practical applications, more and more customers of Delphi Optoelectronics are required to develop stroboscopic LED drivers for LED lighting products, while the core of stroboscopic LED lighting products is LED driver power supply without stroboscopic. The core of Delipo's stroboscopic drive technology is to output the LED driver control circuit as a flat DC current with fewer devices, ensuring high conversion efficiency and high power factor of the circuit, in order to comply with the DC light source operating mode. With the camera (camera), there is no flickering water strobe.

Comparing the ordinary fluorescent tube under the camera with the LED fluorescent tube, you can get a more direct understanding of the strobe. You can use the camera or camera to shoot LED lighting products at close range to see if the strobe exists. Generally, tools for visually identifying and evaluating strobes of LED lighting products are usually gyro-specific gyros. Identification and evaluation of stroboscopic and stroboscopic effects of LED lighting products is based on sunlight. The luminous flux of sunlight is smooth and stable, and there is no stroboscopic and stroboscopic effect. The closer the luminous flux of LED lighting products to sunlight is, the smaller the stroboscopic depth of LED lighting products is, and the smaller the stroboscopic effect is.

1. The stroboscopic and stroboscopic effects of an electric light source

The stroboscopic and stroboscopic effects are two mutually causal physical quantities for the magnitude of the electric light source, the fluctuation depth of the luminous flux, and the resulting harmful effects (called stroboscopic effects). Strobe is the depth at which the luminous flux of an electric source fluctuates. The greater the fluctuation of the luminous flux, the more severe the stroboscopic. The depth of fluctuation of the luminous flux of the electric light source is directly related to the technical quality of the electric light source.

The magnitude of the fluctuation of the luminous flux of an electric source is usually described by a percentage. At this stage, among the widely used electric light sources, LED fluorescent lamps, LED spotlights, LED downlights, and LED ceiling lamps. Such as magnetic ballast driven T8 (? 26mm) straight tube fluorescent lamp, high pressure mercury lamp, high pressure sodium lamp, metal halide light flux fluctuation depth of up to 55% -65%. Some energy-saving lamps with poor technical quality on the market still have stroboscopic depths of up to 20%-30%.

The stroboscopic effect refers to the harmful effect of the electric light source caused by the fluctuation of the luminous flux, that is, the harmful effect caused by the stroboscopic light. The more severe the strobe of the electric light source, the more serious the stroboscopic effect is.

Second, the performance of the stroboscopic effect of the electric light source

A. Initiating a work accident

When the stroboscopic frequency of the electric light source is in integral multiple with the speed of the moving object, the moving state of the moving object will produce static, reverse, slow moving speed, and the erroneous vision of the above three states periodically repeating, causing a work-related accident. For example, the sewing machine operator in the garment industry, the needle that moves up and down at high speed, is illusory to a static state, and the finger is inadvertently injured.

B, affecting production efficiency

The stroboscopic effect can cause visual nerve fatigue and migraine. In particular, high-pressure mercury (sodium) lamps and metal halide lamps have been widely used in the machinery industry. T8 (26mm) straight tube fluorescent lamps driven by magnetic ballasts commonly used in light industry, food, printing, electronics, textile and other industries. The stroboscopic effect is seriously jeopardized and the production efficiency is low. For example, plug-in operators on the assembly line are prone to migraine due to visual fatigue, vertigo, and difficulty in positioning.

C, long-term use of hurting eyes

After the 1980s in China, T8 (? 26mm) straight tube fluorescent lamps driven by magnetic ballasts are commonly used in homes, schools, libraries, etc. Due to the serious stimuli of the lighting environment, the growing primary and secondary school students suffered greatly, the visual acuity decreased significantly, and myopia increased significantly.

Shenzhen Delip Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. has leading technology application advantages and system solution solutions in the LED lighting industry. It is composed of experienced and skilled power supply batteries and switching power supply engineering. Currently, he has formed strategic partnerships with MIT, NXP, Marvell and Yan Lijie. The company's main non-strobe LED driver power supply series are: 6-20W non-isolated non-strobe series; LED fluorescent lamp no stroboscopic series; 1-10W built-in bulb no stroboscopic series, 6-20W external downlights Strobe series, 50-100W centralized external indoor lights without stroboscopic series. Among them, the 30-50W external stroboscopic series is being actively developed. In 2013, Delip Optoelectronics will fully launch the intelligent lighting driver market, providing cost-effective and diversified lighting driver solutions for many LED lighting manufacturers.

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