Application trend of intelligent gateway in smart home

October 09, 2020

When smart routers, smart thermostats, smart TV boxes and other information to become the core of smart homes are flying, smart gateways are still being used as system processing centers for smart homes by companies including industry leaders, such as IoT Sensing. The core position of the master control center maintains the normal, reasonable and orderly operation of most household intelligence. Let's take a look at the core of the smart home, the status, function and role of the smart gateway in the entire smart home system.

Through the wireless communication technology, the smart home system uses sensors and controllers such as smart switches and smart sockets to connect home windows such as doors, windows, lighting, home appliances, and security into a home network for unified management. In the smart home network, the intelligent gateway is responsible for information processing and command coordination of the entire system network, which is the "brain" or "central" of the entire system. At present, smart gateways are divided into wireless routing intelligent home gateways and ordinary smart home gateways, and there are many former smart homes.

In the smart home system, the wireless intelligent gateway is a bridge device that connects standard wireless network signals such as SmartRoom/ZigBee and an Internet network, and can realize monitoring and control between the smart home Internet of Things network device and the Internet network device. It links various sensors and controllers in the system to build a complete smart home Internet. Through the sensing module, combined with technologies such as cloud storage and cloud computing, the wireless intelligent gateway can realize the perception of the internal and external environment of the house, and can perform the action behaviors (open, close, adjust, etc.) of the home device nodes (switches, sockets, etc.). Memories are then stored in the cloud and automatically triggered at custom time or custom time.

Unlike products such as smart routers, smart gateways pay more attention to security in smart homes. Intelligent routers are intelligent on the basis of traditional routers. The biggest difference from traditional routers is that intelligent routers have network functions, which can install applications, control Internet access, USB sharing, etc., and can connect all networked devices, such as tablets, set-top boxes, etc. Connected, there is the possibility of becoming the core of smart home, but security is questioned by many users. In the process of being the core of smart home, smart gateways are being poured into more anti-interference and security by manufacturers. For example, the intelligent gateway developed by IOT has adopted AES advanced encryption algorithm in wireless communication technology, and the security even exceeds Bank encryption measures. It is undeniable that the technology of smart gateways has not yet been broken, and it is also a powerful pillar for smart home enterprises to exist.

What's more interesting is that smart routers and other products are close to smart homes based on traditional functions, and have some functions of intelligent gateways. While intelligent gateways strengthen the core position of smart homes, they also have rich functions. Recently, Ion Sensing, the world's leading supplier of smart home products, officially announced the launch of the industry's first full-featured home wireless intelligent gateway with built-in routing, gateway and voice communication to complete the unified layout of smart home portals. In other words, in the future, the family can completely eliminate the need for products such as smart routers or smart boxes. In a short period of time, smart routers and other products can be easily copied after the smart gateway.

As Internet companies move further into the smart home market, smart routers will continue to emerge as transitional products, and will continue to compare with smart gateways in the process of climbing the core of the smart home. However, whether in terms of security, stability, functionality, usability, or compatibility, intelligent gateways that have occupied the core "highlands" of the system seem to be impeccable and difficult to replace in smart homes. At least for now!

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