Analysis of the design ideas of embedded DVR in financial monitoring

October 18, 2020

It is well known that embedded hard disk video recorders are widely used for monitoring in the financial industry. The application scope mainly includes bank teller monitoring, self-service bank monitoring, ATM monitoring and vault monitoring, etc. Recently, with the development of urban security monitoring, and the need to combat and prevent various financial crimes in a multi-dimensional and three-dimensional manner, as well as the acceleration of the digitization and networking of the entire industry, the embedded technology has gradually matured, and the rapid spread of computer networks To gradually implement and apply the existing bank video surveillance system for unified remote monitoring and management.
After years of exploration in the field of monitoring, Tianjin Tiandi Weiye has independently developed an embedded hardware platform based on H.264 image compression technology and a network multimedia centralized monitoring system to provide financial customers with office buildings, business outlets, self-service banks, ATM terminals, Treasury and other complete security monitoring digital and network solutions. This article will take the network monitoring system project of a branch of the Agricultural Bank of China as an example to discuss the design ideas of embedded DVR monitoring applications and solutions in the financial system.
The rapid growth of business leads to higher demand for security
After years of development, a branch of a city in the Agricultural Bank of China has continued to expand its business volume. Subordinate branches at all levels, unmanned self-service banks and ATM systems have reduced the work intensity of staff and improved work efficiency. However, with the Agricultural Bank of China The deepening of the reform has put forward higher requirements on the internal control management of various functions of various functional departments of the branch, and at the same time, how to better guarantee the safe operation of business outlets, sub-branches, self-service banks and off-line ATM systems also puts forward bank security systems Stricter requirements.
The Agricultural Bank has 46 business outlets in the city, 18 off-line ATM systems, 4 sub-branches and a vault. The number of audio and video outlets to be monitored is about 600 roads, and a monitoring command center is set up in the branch office building. It is required to realize the management of audio and video signals of all outlets. To realize the linkage notification, management and processing of alarm signals, the branch center requires double backup of important audio and video data. Based on this, the plan proposes to use the branch as the network hub of the entire system, supporting the second-level network node, the business network, the branch office, and the self-service bank as the three-level network node to establish a safe, efficient, and advanced remote secure networking Management system.
How to realize the financial industry's demand for networked monitoring
According to the specific monitoring needs of a branch of the Agricultural Bank of China, combined with the original monitoring equipment of the business outlets, Tianjin Tiandi Weiye Company provided a design idea for the networked monitoring plan of a branch of the Agricultural Bank of China. In this scheme, each district and county branch acts as a secondary center to realize centralized monitoring and management of the digital image monitoring system and alarm system that were originally scattered in locally managed business outlets, self-service banks, and ATMs. Take the lead of the municipal branch science and technology management department to establish a city three-level branch network monitoring center to realize the management of the digital video surveillance system of the branch and branch business outlets, self-service banks and local vaults. All users' rights distribution and jurisdiction are managed by branches, so as to achieve the purpose of centralized monitoring and management.
The host adopts advanced H.264 video signal codec technology, G.722 audio codec standard, internationally popular embedded operating system, and reasonable hardware architecture: high stability, convenient operation, free from virus intrusion, and network The advantages of clear transmission quality. The following briefly introduces the design idea of ​​the scheme.
1. The focus of the network monitoring on the playback quality
Bank business outlets are more important in transaction process monitoring, and have higher requirements on the clarity of video playback quality. Tiandi Weiye TC-2800AN series high-definition embedded hard disk recorders are used in the program design to realize transaction monitoring of outlets, which can achieve high quality Screen quality and voice function, clearly monitor the daily teller's receipt and payment operations, voice communication with customers, bill counting actions, face value, customer facial features and other data, and use video file recording management functions to store them under different conditions Video and audio recording files, such as errors and unexpected situations, can be queried and replayed through powerful search functions for analysis and processing to avoid problems and unclear situations between bank counters and customers.
2. The self-service bank requires that problems can be queried afterwards
Since self-service banking is a 24-hour video surveillance of self-service equipment, depositors are required to use CDM, ATM and other terminal devices installed in the self-service bank to deposit and withdraw money. Provide complete and clear video records to prove
3. On-site safety issues of off-line ATM
Compared with financial outlets, off-line ATMs are more dispersed, and the on-site situation is more complicated. The space of ATM cash machines is narrow. Therefore, Tiandi Weiye ATM monitoring dedicated embedded host is designed and used in the plan. Liquid crystal display, can be installed directly inside the ATM machine, the alarm function of the host can link the vibration detector or the glass break alarm, when criminals maliciously destroy, beat, cut, and dig the ATM equipment At the time, the system can detect and automatically alarm in time, and record the criminals' voice, appearance and other clues to solve the case, and provide it to the public security organ as the basis for solving the case.
4. Jurisdiction of sub-branch monitoring center
The sub-branch monitoring center is responsible for the management of the audio and video monitoring and alarm processing of the business outlets, self-service banks and off-line ATMs within its scope, as well as the realization of the collection and management of all audio and video signals. Tiandi Weiye "embedded digital video" "Central management system" to achieve the above functions, the host can not only realize the remote management of the audio and video signals of the outlets, but also integrate the integration of other security monitoring systems within the bank. In addition to the integration of the original 110 alarm system that has been built, special attention is paid The construction and integration of various access control management systems, including double-door interactive interlocking access control management system for business outlets, access control management system for off-line ATM machines and equipment, access control management system for self-service equipment, etc. Through the sub-branch, you can remotely control the access control system of the self-service bank outlets, the access control management after the alarm, and the remote audio and video intercom function to the self-service bank.

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